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agreed....biggest propaganda this gen along with haze is crysis 2....i walked past an enemy and he did NOTHING

the graphics some parts are good but its too inconsistent, the walls are sharp like blocks,no texture nothing.

reviewers need to start being honest crysis 2 on consoles id give a 6-7 very average the A.I has put me off trading it in for a credit note

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how would i know a site has lost their way without reading?

you sir are a plum

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their crisis 2 review was a joke

truthfully i have never played a game with glitchier graphics or dumb A.I this gen and lets not start on the story, yet the reviewer who clearly by his bio is a 360 nut gave it a glowing review, and i was duped...i thought it was sandbox?

CVG are another both these sites are desperate for hits

IGN are untrustworthy which is a shame they used to be my 'goto'

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bring on the breasasis....

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top 3 of my favourite games this gen

now this announcement has me hella excited

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played gow3 again recently it the graphics are mindblowing, santa monica claim they learnt alot from making gow3 and can now do much more...topping gow3 graphics is a scary thought,to me it hasnt been done yet maybe uncharted 3 will take he mantle

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its good to real real reviews and no bias crap

if kz3 had A.I. problems graphical glitches could you imagine the scores?

only gamesradar and ign are praising the graphics even eurogamer admit it doesnt touch ps3 exclusives,the IGN reviewers bio admits that he prefers 360 ,his trophy score is a FOUR his gamer score over 45,000

the same guy reviewed the ps3 version and rants on framerate and graphical issues yet nearly every other review ive r...

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tooo many exclusives its killing my wages......i hope eight days is good

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in their much soo obvious juvenile reviewing and fanboyish ways

the only two sites claiming the graphics are out of this world yet im reading about pop up and texture issues, whats even more amusing is not only has the A.I got issues the story is uninspiring yet it can be overlooked as this isnt an exclusive, yet the only gripe both these sites had with kz3 was the story and ohhhh what a deal breaker it was,it ruined the game ruined the experience and got deducted points for ...

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sterile graphics , this game should have stayed on PC where it would benefit the most

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firstly i m not a fanboy
secondly this is my first comment on crysis and i say it how i see it

thirdly if it hurts your feelings....OHWELL

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his shooting boxes and its like their bullet proof

water looks sick though

basically your moving around a pre-rendered world where you cant interact with nothing.

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hdd upgrade an issue?

this anti-sony from media is actually funny,the stuff people write OMG

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it only solves murders

sorry,really bad i know

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canot wait to play gears 3 single player

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this guys article with a profile pik of a 360 avatar is pure fanboy delusion..... 'gears multiplayer looks better than u2 single player' LMFAO seriously this gen has created the biggest retards its unbelievable

'We should see some 1st party linear or similar games from Microsoft to judge xbox 360 correctly. But xbox 360 don't have them'....um what do you call gears1/2 and alan wake? titles that were hyped up to surpass ps3 exclusives graphically but failed (t...

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PC developers,used to pc architecture 360 included

5 years in and some developers still trying to program the ps3 like a pc...the mind boggles

when you see games like gow3 and kz3 there is no excuse for this 5 years in

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in two months ps3 owners are still going through dcuo,me2,lbp2 and kz3

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its like they live in a bubble,the 360 is doing well in USA but worldwide is being outsold by both the wii and ps3 yet they manipulate the news.

do americans really believe that they are all that matters?

seriously hope not

speaking of worldwide prayers go out to japan

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