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NPD is like an illusion to give fanboys living in their bubble a false sense of security its hilarious,yet sad at the sametime, but i also blame the media who love to portray NPD sales as the bee all and end all.

other countries exist and as a collective common sense prevails...a battle is not the whole war.

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demon souls wasnt known for its graphics but its great gameplay

and where exactly was the fanboy rage? now we have sites making up pretend fanboy wars....ridiculous

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and your now ment to be a professional,im sending a complaint to sony and the new PR team you signed with, theres no way a 'now professional' should be threatening other members of the public or fellow journalists in the industry.sony need to know who they have on their books and im going to make sure they know...your a disgrace

all this 'god bless' and i 'pray for my haters i love them to' or lets 'say a prayer' and you 'pray everynight...

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lol at this article

graphics are standard at best,maybe itl look good in motion but those screenshots are disappointment

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and then we got to play the console version....

what crysis 2 proved was all the nice screenshots were from PC yet fanboys claimed they were from console until we got to play it, i guarantee the same will happen with rage.

and am i missing something these screenshots are nothing spectacular if they are pc shots i would be worried the game looks empty and graphically not mind blowing..even resistance 3 and gears 3 looks better than this

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white noise.......where did i say i only buy games if they look good?

shouldnt make ASSumptions because you look an an ASS

ive never played a socom game before, thus it looking as good as it does has me intrigued...and the problem?

thats right there is none you must have way too much time on your hands to make silly little immature comments and worry about others and their gaming habits like you know them.....

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socom is looking amazing,this wasnt even on my radar

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sony have soo much going on for 2011

ps3 exclusives
xperia play
playstation suite

and thats just their gaming side, i always diss sony for not marketing enough (i still think that they need to up the ante in their marketing department) but it does make you realise why they cant spend half a billion dollars promoting one product like microsoft did with kinect, sony just have too many eggs and too many baskets

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never underestimate nintendo...people did with the ds and wii me included...only way sony has any chance of competing is to take a loss on hardware and price ngp at 200 - 220

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why is anyone trusting lens of truth? gamers must have short memories.

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HHG is the marmite of the gaming industry you either love him or hate him

props for this major venture,you do talk crap alot of times but you also hold it down at times aswell like getting kratos in mortal kombat.....good luck son

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great to see devs wanting to do the best they can

sony have the best devs in the industry not just due to the games they create but the family atmosphere and their will to outdo each other.

if an open world game can match or surpass uncharted 2s graphics then that will be some accomplishment

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to all of those commenting on my comment kancer kid changed his comment.

little coward dont troll and bash a game youve never played only to. hange your comment coz i called you out on it.

and to.all those who think i would just randomly call someone out because of a youtube comment your idiots just like kancerkid.

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makes a mockery of all those 10/10 scores

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at kancer

i dont get how your comment is different from all the other trolls?

bash cause your scared
bash because your jealous
bash because ms is concentrating on kinect leaving you without core titles like kz3
bash because you havnt got a girl to keep you occupied

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yet the ps3 outsold the 360 worldwide by over 2million please go read facts before commenting. i could careless for sales tina you are whats wrong with gaming.sad thing is ms get away with having no games because of obsessed cult followers like you.what have you had to play in jan? what AAA exclusive games have you got for february? or april?

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yep like 2009

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fanboy mods.if this was a 360 article it would have failed quicker than you can say butt hurt author

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he is spitting mad.....i think its due to mass effect series was a feather in 360s cap and now all 360 has really is gears and halo as true blockbuster's and exclusives and who knows what epic will do with gears as the exclusivity ends after the 3rd game. guess we shouldnt point the author to IGNs article how ps3 me2 is the best version out of the pc and 360 versions

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yep because it worked so well for the ps3 and pspgo high price tags s/

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