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ms owns cnet

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you do realise over half of them are kinect studios right?

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and i should care they make $115 dollar in profits because....????

exactly i dont, i have no shares in ms, and its not as if they are putting any of that money back into the brand by making exclusive games!!

nope that money just lines the fat cats pockets whilst they still have the cheek to charge us to play online,or bring us crap like kinect starwars...

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because the sad little pathetic troll is still trying to keep his unrelevant score in the limelight by now making a FOLLOW up article on his patheticness with a article even longer than his original patheticness of a review!

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just putting that out there first

on topic ps3 has surpassed my expectations i never new sony woukld actually make new genres like LBP.heavy rain and journey

not to mention the tons of exclusives

but the marketing team need to be fired, and exclusive game launches need to be spaced out or even put on hold till the following year as soo many quality games go under the radar infamous 1 being a prime example

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LMFAOOO peeepeee i bet you feel seeelleee

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and EA and EPIC are the future dumb developers looking to make angry bird type lite games because they are lazy and have run out of ideas on how to cater to the hardcore gaming crowd

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personally bitching about heavenly sword sales (whioh are over 3 million) and just dissing the great game in general and sony gamers is the reason people didnt buy enslaved or take you seriously anymore

dont bite the hand that feeds you

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these tech sites actually know nothing about gaming thus make up headline grabbing titles

ipad3 may have more memory but how does that make it better? think of a whole package itl never have ds3 or 360 controller, nor halo or uncharted,twisted metal,syphon filter infamous etc

itl never have 4 people sat around a tv screen each with a controller playing online, itl never have hardcore 8+ hour games,itl never have bluray games

tech sites are so...

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if you dont comment or give this noname site hits they will have to try otherways to get your attention

dont give these sites what they undeniably want...hits by giving low scores or bashing sony

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i have a note...great phone

to compare it to a vita is the most ridiculous thing ive read,wheres the mention of the dual analogue sticks? and there are no games on android or ios that can rival uncharted or the incoming COD for vita.vita gives us core console gaming on the move,smartphones give us stocking fillers

anyone who compares a smartphone to a dedicated gaming device is dumb as $hit

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enough said....finally a worthwhile update, SEN is finally stepping its game up bigtime

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its their...title for hits,blatant lying and down right begging for hits articles so their a$$ gets paid attitude that create trolls

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scared of the real world,scared of females because they probably made fun of you at school...rushed home to play your atari and that was your escapism, so naturally to stay in that bubble you went into game journalism (which your very bad at by the way)...even in your part in this article you felt the need to self promote your flamebait article 'screw vita get a psp' as if its your biggest triumph!!

in reality your garbage article 'screw psp get a vita' is by ...

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was a bullied soul at school,and now feels he has a bit a power in writing for gaming so does what he can to get hits and frustration out behind his computer in his own little bubble...just take a look at his picture in the article

if anyone sits at home painting world of warcraft figurines its him

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ill trust anything nowgamer have to say?

without even reading the article i bet iphone which aint even a gaming device gets more praise

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the website who last week claimed ios and iphone are best in the world better than android,yet ios cannot ..bluetooth to other phones,use sd cards or play flash or use widgets

also nowgamer said vitas biggest downfall is you cannot just drag and drop software everything has to go through a certain program..yet ios whichh they claimed was best is exactly the same as you cannot just drag and drop everything has to go through itunes even to the extent you have to convert videos...

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if that was sony it would have been blown outta proportion and on n4g front page for weeks, you dont find it odd that millions were stolen from live gamers yet none of the american media reported it and n4g wouldnt publish my submission?

thanks for the link mate

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the american media kept it quiet, millions was stolen from UK 360 live accounts...if you want more information google it, its all there despite the american medias attempt at a cover up,after the way they went after sony i guess they didnt want to be left with egg on their faces

it even made the best selling UKs paper 'sun' front page and was on all the UKs news channels about how worried gamers were

i even tried submitting the story yet n4g wouldnt ...

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