on my grind
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i fancy her ....

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lol sorry dude

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wow lets see what they say and give mw3 and bf3

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funny how we didnt see you on the other great scores...which inturn leads me to believe your a troll and this score is a desperation for hits

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heist and journey are getting my moolah

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not to mention one of the most original in little big planet not to be on that list is a joke

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have poor support gaming wiise

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..was quiet as a mouse before

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devs are soo lazy now they just think better graphics are what we need?..how about stop the same old crap and come with new and imaginative?..if dreamcast can do it so can 360 and ps3

thats why i respect sony they buy imaginative first party studios..if it was left to third party devs like activision who are so void of ideas gaming would be dead

patiently waiting for journey and the last guardian and even ps2 hd collection of ico/shadow of colossus..come back a...

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is actually on another level..

we read doom and gloom stories about sony in usa even though its selling millions there but is behind the 360 in the usa its all doom and gloom.

360 has sold 1.5million in over 5 years in japan and now it doesnt matter..

the artiicles this gen have been nothing short of shocking

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david cage is a genius

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its actually still one of the best consoles ever made

nintendo had an amazing run with the wii...saying that i havnt bought a nintendo product since gamecube and cant see me buying the wii u either, to me nintendo gained a lot of new fans but lost many core gamers who grew up with them

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bethesda can go jump

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samsung galaxy s2 is a beast of a phone..when quad core phones arrive within a year-two years handhelds an pcs are in serious trouble

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the console that has continuous exclusives
best media storage
untapped potential
not had the sweet spot price drop yet should be replaced yet the 360 which is starved of exclusives, dvd 9, kinect which isnt changing gaming like move isnt doesnt get these articles?

and people wonder why ps3 owners get so irate with the bias media and then we get called fanboys? ironic

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they have the least 1st party studios so exclusives are not their strongest asset at the moment

but a new console unveiling will no doubt have the american press going wild....

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make it top ten new ips


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downloaded their welcome back gifts

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girlfriend ar her mums and my surround sound is the best way for me

3dtv too expensive

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