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you are a f**king disgrace,making it clear now after your comment i do not like you one bit

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you need to rethink that mate.....obviously its a gaming site thus theres gaming news

but you sound very very harsh and cold, americans an people from the UK have lost their life over there aswel as the japanese people,this is a big tragedy

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cant imagine microsoft was hit hard in manufacturing numbers.

everyone just needs to pray for the people over there whether your religious or not

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along with a RROD 360

lets create mass hysteria s/

lets just pray for the japanese people and not create stupid articles for hits

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pc and ps3 gamers coming together..beautiful

the industry is indeed moving forward

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naughty dog said that about uncharted 2 yet they have admitted they have topped it with uncharted 3

GG said the same about kz2 yet kz3 bests it.

santa monica said the same about gow3 yet has now admited that there is alot more that they can do

its a learning curve developers always learn new tricks

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this game is a silent assassin the reviews are great

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cutscenes are using the same engine that your playin IN-game

seriously whats the issue? the game looks and plays phenomenal whats the problem other to create silly fanboy nonsense

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im sure if ms had a suitable mascot it would also be in mortal kombat

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'who needs games when you can make a huge profit selling the kinect by itself...'

your happy without games aslong as ms line their pockets..WOW

into march and still waiting for a exclusive,still waiting for a good multiplat this is not how ms should treat their customers period

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thats whats good about gaming opinions we all enjoy different things bubbles to both of you

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last guardian
gears of war 3 and infamous 2 cime to mind

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that game was absolutely outstanding

but EA have a great fairly new IP in dead space

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i do need to finish it at some point ive finished all the others,just this one bored me to tears

anyway well done R* you changed gaming as we know it

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Ummm....ok then virtual dress up

Anyone else just staring at the title?

Great sales for kinect more substance needed

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nowgamer are soo obvious these days

hits hits hits

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dont want ps4 for atleast another 3 years

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this is how ms abandoned xbox 1, slowly there were no games apart from multiplat, seems kinect was to make a quick buck off an aging system

im looking forward to gears 3 but even then not as much as i was to gears 2 its been there done that

if ms do abandon 360 like xbox 1 i will not make the same mistake a third time

need new ips,last guardian cant come soon enough kz3 whilst technically brilliant didnt suck me in like the second,infamous 2...

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no you wont

its cvg they only troll ps3

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CVG if you look at their ps3 history its pure trolling

wheres their gears 3 or me3 sensationalist headlines arent they all trilogies coming out this year also?

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