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so keyboard gangster enlighten us with some of your cancer jokes?

do you feel hard now you laugh at cancer keyboard gangster?

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when you go nearly a whole year without any exclusives its not hard to see why 360 fans will be camping outside game stores for gears3

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motion controls are terrible apart for mums wanting to lose weight

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because firstly 'it doesnt suck as a console'

this gen is not over

sony have brought the most innovative titles this gen plus new ips

their first party studios have really shined this gen

and yes sony made mistakes but this will make for a better 'not' ps4 but a better understanding of what consumers want next gen, because as for a console ps3 personally has been amazing

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apple is said to have one of the most secure programs..you rarely hear of mac computers getting hacked or receiving viruses, windows on the other hand is known for it

i even heard once apple are un-hackable.....thats the carrot dangling infront of these 'donkey' hackers to prove otherwise

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wish i could give u a hundred bubbles for that gif

top 5 stupidest articles on what used to be a great n4g

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cancers not something to joke about especially when you see what it does first hand

grow up

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top 20 games of all time in OUR opinion


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its not decent what are talking about?

if this was a 360 exclusive or multiplat the scores would be higher

ps3 games get deducted points for hits

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once the novelty wears off your left with an expensive door stop

the wii and move are a bit more practical than kinect but i still wouldnt touch any of them

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either way due to costs.....third party exclusives will be none existant soon ,they are a rarity as it is...build your own internal studios or suffer

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now to clock mgs4....MP games literally killed my SP playing

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troll articles and this is my first comment on the whole episode.

ive read its a hack,credit card information was at risk thats all i need to know mate.

its not the end of the world as some sites may have you believe,its an inconvenience ...but a necessary one....alot of people have misdirected their anger and seriously need to chill out

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get a gurlfriend.see friends,go to work?......theres a life outside of your four walls and tv screen with a ps3 hooked up

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for ruining our online playtime....obviously the bias part of the media wont highlight that fact.

anyway aslong as sony fix this so those lowlife hackers cannot ruin PSN again ....ill wait

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sony basically saying PSN was hacked therefore new security measures are in process isnt enough explanation?

sites are now milking this to death without using common sense....getting boring

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does the author forget we are only in april?

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all those bias sitesand hackers will all be the ones praising sony and wishing they never left like all those detractors who are now wishing for a dreamcast 2..

can you imagine a gaming world with just nintendos kiddie games and microsofts third party games? because ms sure as hell wont ever feel the need then to create any first party studios as they would have no competition,and as a 360 owner we are suffering from lack of exclusives as it is.

if sony leave...

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the single player sucks more...the A.I is dumb as horse shite..the graphical glitches the pop in...multiplayer i havnt tried yet but i doubt its a 5/5 going off the single player

ign cvg best graphics? no we all get to play i realise what a troll site you both are..on consoles anyway this game is very average

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