How to Get Rubbish in Hades 2 and What is it Used For

Hades 2 Melione at the Crossroads

Picking up the trash is commendable, but in Hades 2 it even has some uses. Read this article to see how to get Rubbish and what it is used for in Hades 2.

In Hades 2, you are on a quest to defeat Chronos, the Titan of Time. That journey requires skill, perseverance, and some magical help. Melinoë is a witch, after all, and requires some magical ingredients to perform Incantations in her Cauldron. But, some ingredients are far from magical. Actually, some ingredients do not resemble anything useful at all. Like Rubbish, for example. So, let’s see how to get Rubbish in Hades 2, and what it’s for.

Hades 2: How to Get Rubbish

For starters, you won’t find Rubbish from the get-go. You have to play the game for a while before the option to pick up Rubbish becomes available. While in the Crossroads, periodically check the area to the west of the Fated List of Minor Prophecies, near the gate with a glowing red seal. After you’ve played the game for a bit and reached Tartarus, there is a chance that Eris, the Strife Incarnate, will appear after each run (or death).

You can find her left of the Fated List of Minor Prophecies, throwing Rubbish around. It is there for the taking, you don’t need any special tool for gathering Rubbish. Simply click on it and Melinoe will pick it up (with some comments). Check out the area where Eris is after each run, and chances are she’s there, littering again. That way you can obtain quite a lot of this resource. 

Hades 2 Melinoe in front of a sealed door
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What is Rubbish Used For

Hades 2 is in Early Access, so the uses of many materials and ingredients are limited. For now, Rubbish is only used for a single Incantation – Summoning a Colony of Bats. This incantation helps you scout the surface area by allowing you to interact with Bat Cages in the City of Ephyra. You can’t even sell it.

We are sure that more uses for Rubbish will be added down the line. Maybe some form of recycling, where you can trade trash for more useful materials, or something similar. Time will tell. 


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