LEGO Collab Could Last as Long as a Full Fortnite Season, Rumours Suggest

Fortnite LEGO collab rumours

Fortnite players might be getting a whole season’s worth of LEGO with the upcoming collab, according to leaks. As with all rumours, this may or may not be true, and there’s always the question of what such a huge collab would entail. The one that springs to mind is the invasion of Galactus all the way back in Chapter 2. Could that be the scope they’re aiming at? Time will tell, but in the meantime, we’ll tell you everything about the latest LEGO x Fortnite leaks.

LEGO x Fortnite Collab Could Be a Full Season of Content

The latest rumour comes to us via Shiina on Twitter. The leaked rumour outlines that Fortnite update v27.00 would not represent a new season, but instead a huge season-wide LEGO collab event.

Of course, we have to reiterate that this has so far only been a rumour. At best, we can suspect that there is a LEGO collab in the works because this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about it.

Adding to the unconfirmed nature of this rumour, Shiina elaborated: “So far, I can neither confirm nor deny this rumour as I haven’t heard anything yet about the LEGO collab or a potential Season 5… It does seem weird that a xx.00 update would not be a new season, as this never happened before, but there is a first time for anything, I guess.”

If the scope will be as massive as the rumour suggests, then we have to ask the question of player retention during such an event. Most collabs last for a shorter time than that, while if a whole season is dedicated to one, what happens to players who aren’t interested in LEGOs? As far-fetched as that notion sounds, there are probably going to be some who aren’t too keen on colourful bricks dominating in their Fortnite game.

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