Fortnite Chapter 5 Will Bring a New Unique Game Mode, Leaks Show

Fortnite new racing game mode leaks chapter 5

Fortnite may be getting a new game mode according to leaks. To top it off, it could be the long-awaited racing mode. However, players will have to wait until Chapter 5 to get into some high-octane racing action. Of course, not everything is confirmed yet, but these leaks have us hopeful that the racing mode is just on the horizon. There’s even more information about the upcoming game mode, so let’s dive in and discuss all of the details.

Leaks Point Towards Future Racing Game Mode in Fortnite

The leaks are coming to us by way of Shiina on Twitter. In the tweet, Shiina details more about the racing mode, including that the mode is planned to be released in Chapter 5. Because Chapter 4 will have at least one more season before it ends, that puts it roughly around the end of the year.

According to the leak, Fortnite’s racing game mode will feature both a casual and ranked mode. The Casual mode will have 12 racing maps, while the Ranked will have 4 maps. Besides that, there will also be a Tutorial mode and Time Trials.

As expected, the racing game mode will feature its own Battle Pass. This will likely consist of racing-oriented cosmetics, but we’ll have to wait and see until more details come out. There will be a “Garage” menu in the main lobby, and players will be able to unlock multiple cars. With that in mind, it looks like those Battle Pass cosmetics would slot right into decking out your garage and cars, right?

The Overwhelming Fan Reaction to the Racing Mode

We don’t think it’s at all surprising that the leaks garnered a lot of positive fan reactions. For one, many argue that the battle royale format was becoming stale and that Fortnite needed to branch out to remain relevant. Of course, there is always the excitement surrounding the release of something completely fresh and new. And who doesn’t like new game modes? 

Some fans have taken the idea a step further, considering the possibility of licenced vehicles becoming a possibility. With the Transformers collab just behind us, there’s a chance that some of them could appear again, albeit in their vehicle form. And that’s just scratching the surface of possible collabs.

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