Fortnite Community Goes So Insane Over This Cosmetic Item That Epic May Nerf It Soon

Fortnite community reacts to new back bling

Gamers’ attention spans can vary, but it’s safe to say that we can get easily distracted. It doesn’t take much, and by then you’re done for, killed and eliminated from the match. Fortnite can be blazingly fast-paced, so it’s not a good thing to get sidetracked. One of the new back bling items can make that very difficult though.

Fortnite Community Spots a “Revealing” Issue With a New Cosmetic Item

Back blings in Fortnite don’t serve a gameplay purpose other than being cosmetic items. They are there to help you customize your character and add a dash of personality to the way they look. But the new Fortnite Crew back bling can be a bit distracting, according to many on the community Reddit page.

Let’s not beat around the bush. There were other back blings in the game that sit high on your character’s backs. For example, the tire comes to mind. So what’s the issue with this one, other than showing off the, ahem, “posterior” on female skins?

Honestly, we’re not sure, but it may have something to do with Peely’s rendition itself. Just look at it, with its goofy facial expression and “nana-nana” label on its chest, it’s like it’s mocking you.

The fans have reacted appropriately, as expected. Some too distracted to notice the back bling in the first place. Others memeing and coming up with (in)appropriate puns. It’s all in good fun, of course, but we have to wonder — will this spur Epic to “nerf” the bling in some way?

Among the sea of reactions, you can even find a legitimate question. Like what 93Degrees is asking: “Do you have to sub to crew before the end of the summer event to get it? Or can you get it anytime in the month, cuz I wanna time my next crew sub to also get the next battle pass in August with it.” We were wondering the same thing, so Wafflecone927 clarified “The official news info says [to ]be a crew member now [until the] 18th. So join before 18th”.

So what do you think of the back bling? And “just” the back bling! Will you be getting it after the Reddit thread opened your eyes to the possibilities? Or do you think Epic is going to nerf it in some way?

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