Where is Rainbow Rentals in Fortnite?

Rainbow Rentals beachside location at night in Fortnite

Wondering where Rainbow Rentals is located in Fortnite? We have your answer here. Stick around for information about its addition to the game and whether the location can still be found today.

As we approach the last leg of Chapter 4 – Season 3 in Fortnite, the game’s community is now looking forward to what the next season has in store. As always, the seasonal debut will promise a variety of new skins and weapons to collect as well as new locations to explore in the process of completing quests. While it’s safe to assume we’ll receive a hefty load of new content, we can also expect to see some formerly introduced items and locations vaulted in true Fortnite fashion. Such was the case for Shanty Town, which was removed after its introduction to the game in Chapter 2. In light of its removal, can the nearby Rainbow Rentals location still be found in Fortnite?

Rainbow Rentals Location in Fortnite

Like Shanty Town, Rainbow Rentals was first introduced to the Fortnite map back in Chapter 2. Following a string of map changes, however, the location can no longer be found in Chapter 4. This is sure to disappoint many players in the Fortnite community, as the beachside property strip once served as a loot hub in past seasons of the game, providing a wide variety of weapons and collectibles.

In Chapter 2, Rainbow Rentals was located on the southwestern shoreline of Holly Hedges, just north of Shanty Town. While the private beach wasn’t marked on the map, it was a known destination for those in search of weapons and other goods. Unfortunately, you can no longer access Rainbow Rentals or the surrounding locations in the current season, though Chapter 4 has introduced newer locations in their place, including the wasp-infested Wilds. What’s more, there is always a chance that we may see Rainbow Rentals or a similar loot hub introduced to the Fortnite map in the future.

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