7 Fixes That Fortnite Desperately Needs

Fortnite 7 Fixes the game needs

What are some of the fixes players would like to see in Fortnite? Here are our top seven picks for what needs fixing.

There’s no denying that many things in Fortnite need to change or be fixed. If Season 3 of Chapter 4 had shown us anything, it’s that players don’t shy away from being vocal about it. While there are many system changes that need addressing, this list will focus on nitty-gritty details that can be fixed without sweeping consequences. At least, that’s the hope, because you can never be too sure when it comes to game development.

Top 7 Things That Need To Be Fixed in Fortnite

7. Greyed Out Map Locations

This nasty bug just needs to go. If you’ve never encountered it, this bug makes certain map locations look grey and undiscovered, even though you’ve been there before. It’s not game breaking, but certainly very annoying.

6. Stuck In Build Mode After Reboot

After you reboot the game, you can sometimes end up stuck in Build Mode. What follows is constant restarts until the bug just decides to go away. We’d love for the devs to make it go away permanently in the next patch.

5. Mantling Needs to be Back

Mantling was added during Season 1 of Chapter 4, way back in December of 2022. Yet it saw use only for a few days before it was unceremoniously disabled and never brought back. We’d love to see it make a triumphant return.

4. Burn Bright Emote Bug

Burn Bright is a Ranked emote that can show off just how far you’ve come. But there’s a bug that prevented the emote from showing your rank, or from burning at all. After working so hard to get it, it’s disheartening to get this bug. So as before, fix it Epic!

3. Drum Shotgun is OP

A day doesn’t pass without someone complaining about the Drum Shotgun. It’s probably the most OP weapon currently in the game. While it’s certainly fun for some, it desperately needs adjustment in the form of a nerf.

2. Fix and Return the Kinetic Boomerang

We’d love to see the Kinetic Boomerang get a fix to its buggy performance that resulted in it getting vaulted too early. It was only added with this Season’s patch, so players barely had the chance to play with it. 

1. Matchmaking Fairness

The big bad of every competitive online game, the matchmaking system in Fortnite is a mess. Whether it’s because of too few players, smurfing, or unequal MMR ratings, something needs to be done to repopulate Ranked games in Fortnite.

This was our list of the seven changes we want to see. What’s on your list? What did we miss? Also, check out our other Fortnite articles, like When Is the Next Fortnite Update, and Yet Another Devastating Nerf Renders One of Fortnite’s Favourite Guns Borderline Pathetic.


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