Next Fortnite Crew Pack Brings Not One, But Two New Skins

Fortnite Crew Pack

Epic Games’ subscription service Fortnite Crew had its ups and downs over the years. From lacklustre offerings to absolute bangers, players have seen it all. But next month’s swag looks to be among the best ones yet. That is, if rumours are true. Let’s dig in and find out what’s coming up in this highly anticipated Fortnite Crew package.

Fortnite Fans All in Favour of Extra Cosmetics

On average, Crew Packs come with an outfit and a few extra cosmetics, the Battle Pass, and 1000 V-Bucks. But the next one promises to top that by a wide margin, according to iFireMonkey on Twitter. In the latest tweet, he showcases that this pack will come with not one, but two Crew skins, and more besides.

The players are clearly delighted with what’s on offer. As Marlin puts it “And… it’s now the best crew so far, 2 outfits, 2 pickaxes, 2 back blings, and maybe more stuff for 11.99 like that’s one heck of a deal”. Even with all that in mind, that’s not counting progress towards the Winter’s Trickster Legacy set too.

Fortnite Crew Pack
Image via iFireMonkey on Twitter

“Finally, something new. Crew packs have been decent in the past months. This unlocks new potential for crew members.” says JHOCloud, and Jinx seems to agree, saying “Best crew pack ever imo. […] We didn’t have such a good crew pack since Joni the Red”.

All in all, there’s a lot of buzz around getting two skins instead of one, and more other goodies besides. Of course, there are some players who aren’t big fans of even this gesture, but they’re drowned out by the positive reactions. For example, UCLMessi points out “Giving us 2 skins won’t change the fact that crew pack skins have been MID for such a long time”. That take seems to be subjective at best, but for players who like the skins, there’s no better time to get a Crew Pack than this.

Will you be getting the new, improved Fortnite Crew Pack? Also, check out our coverage of the latest Fortnite patches: Fortnite v25.20 Patch Notes and Fortnite Save the World v25.20 Patch Notes.


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