Epic Games CEO Has Interesting News Regarding One of Fortnite’s Rarest Skins

Fortnite item shop Travis Scott

There are many popular skins in Fortnite. But one skin tends to top the charts when it comes to popularity. Introduced with the Astronomical event way back in v12.41 during Chapter 2: Season 2, the Travis Scott skin is still one that players wish would return. Following drama around the musician, there were some rumours that the skin would not only never return, but would be removed from the game entirely. Fortunately, those seem to have been largely false, and there was even a confirmation from Epic’s CEO that wouldn’t be the case.

The Possible Return of Travis Scott to Fortnite and Fan Reaction

As reported by Shiina on Twitter, the CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney had confirmed that “Travis Scott is welcome in Fortnite. […].” But that’s not the end of good news. Continuing on, he said, “[…] I’m just not in the loop on item shop rotations so I don’t know what’s coming when […].”

The Travis Scott skin is part of the Icon series of skins and hasn’t been seen in the shop for over 1200 days. Back then, it could be bought from the Item Shop for 1500 V-Bucks or in the Astronomical Bundle for 2500 V-Bucks.

What this means is that it would likely take another Astronomical-like live event for the skin to return. Either that or some other Fortnite event that would make some of the older skins available again. 

Understandably, the fans are excited at the mere mention that the skin might return. “Legit most wanted Icon series in the game, would’ve been nice if they brought him back with the release of Utopia”, says FitzyLeaks for example. There are those who seem over-hopeful like Firegamer, saying “Hopefully “Astronomical” shop tab will be re-added tonight”, which sounds as far-fetched as can be.

Others are appreciative of Epic’s stance and reaction, As BioBoss21 says, “Man, I stand completely corrected. I thought when they got rid of the emoji, and people that heard he was done for from internal sources, that he was gone for good. If they brought him back the internet would lose its ever-loving mind”.

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