Fortnite Fans Wonder Who Is the Bus Driver – Bus Driver’s Identity

Image of the Fortnite battle bus and the mysterious bus driver.

The identity of the driver of Fortnite’s Battle Bus has made players scratch their heads over the years. While it wasn’t as big of a question initially, with the game’s lore developing this question rose to prominence. Especially when we consider that an option to “thank the bus driver” was added. Interestingly, this option was included after players asked Epic to add the kind gesture, which now has a quest of its own. So what do the players think about the bus driver’s identity?

Fortnite Players Discuss Who is the Bus Driver

Fortnite’s lore expanded over time, but every answer seems to pose new questions. A thread on Reddit started by Rdmrbroken asks simply “Do we have bus driver lore?”. Such a simple question, yet after scratching the surface, there’s even more to discuss due to the little breadcrumbs Epic has left over the years.

For one, we can assume that the bus driver is an older person. This is because of the quote “Respect your elders” from Farmer Steel during the bus driver quest. But other than that, the floor is open for players to inject their theories.

Probably the funniest idea is that there is no bus driver, and that the Battle Bus is a Transformer. This is in reference to the new skin that makes it a Transformer variant during the collab event. Jokes aside, many players suspect that the driver is a version of Jonesy.

Another strong candidate is Lars, from Save the World mode, as suggested by Lord_Ferg. There’s some merit to this idea, because he has a suspiciously similar bus in that game mode too. Just not airborne… yet. He’s still working on that part.

Ecahill453 has a different, yet no less interesting proposal. “There is an NPC you can tip on the island for 250 gold which is just “tipping the bus driver” The NPC is Sunflower and can be found at Frenzy Fields. Whether she is the driver or not cannot be confirmed.”

The Fortnite community will have to keep on guessing because the bus driver’s identity remains a mystery. Epic may decide to unveil this in due time, but for now, it’s fun to see that it sparks discussions such as this.

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