Fortnite Is Finally Getting a Long-Awaited Fan-Favorite Skin

Image of Fortnite characters jumping out of the Battle bus in celebration.

You’re used to dropping from Fortnite’s flying Battle Bus, but have you considered being a Battle Bus yourself? With the leaked Transformers bundle coming in October, one of the skins indeed represents the beloved vehicle. Ever since the Transformers collab was announced by Epic, players have been clamoring to immortalize the Battle Bus in a skin. Now that it’s happening, fans are stoked.

Fortnite Fans React to the Long-Awaited Skin

With the Battle Bus skin all but confirmed, fans have wasted no time in announcing their joy. While the skin seems to be named simply and unimaginatively Battle Bus, the Fortnite community on Reddit has already taken to renaming it.

The initial poster of the thread, Dramatic_Exchange484 suggested HotDrop. The community came alive slinging their own suggestions left and right. But the consensus remains that HotDrop would be a better name than just Battle Bus.

Incidentally, some stand by the sentiment that Battle Bus does indeed sound like a Transformer name. Moreover, they argue that it fits the Fortnite style, but there’s no question that both sides love the skin and can’t wait for it to be out.

The larger concern stems from the fact that the bundle the skin is a part of is releasing all the way in October. As Dragonbarry22 puts it: “I’m just dumbfounded we have to wait till October to get Bumblebee. Like bruh, the hype will be gone by then.”, and he has a point. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it.

Do you have a better suggestion for Battle Bus’ name? Are you excited that he’s finally getting his own skin? Let us know in the comments and on our social media as well. 

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