How To Thank Bus Driver in Fortnite on PS5, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch

Image of Fortnite characters jumping out of the Battle bus in celebration.

Fortnite players often have extra challenges that they can complete, including weekly quests available for all players. One of the quests that sometimes appears requires you to thank the bus driver. Succeeding in completing this and other quests will net you a good amount of XP and push your Battle Pass further. This, in turn, lets you unlock even more items and cosmetics on the track. If you’re wondering how to thank the bus driver in Fortnite, keep reading to find out.

How Do You Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite?

While it may sound tricky, it’s actually pretty easy to complete this quest. You can complete this quest on any platform that you can play Fortnite on. To do it, you have to interact with him by pressing your Emote button while you’re still on the bus before deploying. Depending on your gaming platform, here’s how to use the Emote button by default:

  • On the PC, press B on your keyboard
  • On a console (including PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch) press Down on your D-pad
  • On mobile or tablets, tap the Emote button found in the top-right corner of your screen

Use the emote while near the bus driver, but remember that you have to do it before jumping off. Also, you can only do this once per match. You will know that you succeeded when you hear the sound effect after thanking the driver. Your name will appear in orange text in the lower left corner of the screen, followed by a notification that you thanked the bus driver.

Vast landscape at sunset in Fortnite
Image via EPIC Games

Why Should You Thank the Bus Driver

The bus driver is an NPC that was added to Fortnite in 2018 so that players don’t have to worry that the bus is driving itself. That would be dangerous and scary, after all. If you do so, other players can see that you’ve been polite and thanked him for ferrying you across the island. It has no in-game effect other than the fun of it, but it is still considered rude to leave without thanking the Bus Driver.

Some say that thanks to Fortnite, young people started thanking the bus drivers in real life. Online games can be quite toxic, but sometimes, they can be beneficial for young people growing up.

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