Best Beginner Weapons in Fortnite

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If you are starting out the massively popular shooter Fortnite, then this article will help you out. We have listed the best beginner weapons in Fortnite, so read on.

Fortnite has a ton of weapons, each suited for a different playstyle and each efficient at different ranges. Some deal explosive death at range while being useless up close, where you’ll have to switch to something more suitable. We can broadly categorize them to make this simpler for beginners. So, let’s see what weapons are the best for a beginner in Fortnite.

Best Weapons For Beginners

Each weapon has its damage, rate of fire, clip size, reload time, etc. We have to take all of that into consideration. The most powerful close-range weapon is not the best if it takes forever to reload, is it? Additionally, weapons can have prefixes, to further complicate things. A Silenced Assault Rife is not exactly the same as a Heavy Assault Rifle. These prefixes slightly change the way the weapon functions, for example, the Heavy Assault Rifle shoots slower than the regular one, but deals more damage. Heavy is perfect for a Sniper Rifle, for example. Let’s take a look at the top 6 weapons for beginners.

Top 6 Weapons for Beginners in Fortnite

  1. Assault Rife – The best all-around weapon, Assault rifles of all shapes and sizes are useful at almost any range. They work best at medium range but can be used effectively at close range if the situation demands it. Not as effective at long range, but useful for making the enemies keep their heads down.
  2. Tactical Shotgun – This is a close-range weapon that takes a huge chunk of health off your opponent. It is a semi-automatic shotgun with a decent clip size, great for taking down multiple enemies up close, and forgiving if you keep missing them.
  3. Submachine gun (SMG) – Sometimes, greater damage doesn’t mean much if you can’t land a good hit. That’s where SMGs come in. With short range but a huge rate of fire, this weapon is the “spray-and-pray” type, you are bound to hit something.
  4. Pump Shotgun – The traditional and more powerful version of a Shotgun. Deals more damage than the Tactical Shotgun, but requires a little bit more skill, as it has a lower rate of fire and a smaller clip size.
  5. Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) – Snipers are not for beginners, but DMRs are there for long-ranged firefights. They function similarly to Assault Rifles, but have a scope, allowing you to zoom in and fire short bursts at enemies at range.
  6. Rocket LauncherEveryone’s favorite. Rocket Launcher fires slow-moving missiles, one at a time that deal a decent amount of damage in a large area. Perfect to shoot at dug-in enemies, before closing in to finish the job.

Of course, everyone’s experience is different. This list is more of a general guideline, but as you get more familiar with different weapons, no doubt you will have your own opinions and preferences.

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Weapon Rarity in Fortnite.

If weapon types and prefixes are not enough, weapons are further divided by rarity. Rarer items are, naturally, harder to come by but the higher the rarity the better the performance of the weapon. The are six levels of rarity in Fortnite, with Exotic weapons on the side, which are unique and don’t follow the same rules. The rarities and their associated colors are:

  • Gray: Common
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Blue: Rare
  • Purple: Epic
  • Orange: Legendary
  • Gold: Mythic

Logically, a Legendary Assault Rifle is more powerful than its Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Epic counterpart. You should always switch to a higher rarity item if you find one, as it will overall perform better.

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