Fortnite – What Is Big Bang and How to Join

An image of new lobby, feature Fortnite Big Bang event teaser.

Want to know everything about the Fortnite Big Bang event? In this article, we will explain the start time of the event, what will happen in it, and which new crossovers will take place.

The grand finale for the Fortnite OG Season, which started on November 3, has finally been detailed in an official statement released last night. Epic Games announced on its blog that “The Big Bang” event is set to occur on December 2. While the official statement is sparse on details, the information unearthed by data miners is far more thrilling. Let’s dive into all the details about the Fortnite Big Bang event.

Fortnite Big Bang Event Date and How to Join

Official poster of the Fortnite Big Bang event, featuring Battle Bus.
Image via Epic Games

The upcoming live Fortnite event, The Big Bang, is scheduled for December 2, 2023. The event will start at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, as announced. As usual, players can enter the map half an hour early. This event, which allows participation in teams of four, will potentially completely obliterate the Fortnite OG map.

Epic Games will perform a two-hour pre-event maintenance for readiness. This means that on December 2, normal matchmaking will be shut down at 2 AM PT / 12 PM ET.

If you’re planning to join the upcoming Fortnite event, be aware of health risks. The event includes intense flashing lights. These can be risky for those with photosensitivity, seizures, or epilepsy. Medical professionals advise consulting with a doctor before engaging in such experiences. You can see all the warnings in the official statement.

What Will Happen at the Fortnite Big Bang Event?

Poster of the Fortnite Big Bang event, featuring Eminem.
Image via Epic Games

The official statement from Epic Games doesn’t provide many specifics about the event, but game data miners, particularly HYPEX, have shared some exciting insights.

Firstly, The Big Bang event is shaping up to be the largest event in Fortnite’s history, with its size currently estimated at over 1.5 GB, and this could further increase as we approach December 2.

Additionally, Eminem will feature in the event and will be introduced as a playable skin in the new season. The new season will also bring a LEGO x Fortnite crossover.

With the arrival of Episode 5, two new game modes will be added: Rhythm Mode and Racing Mode. These additions are sure to bring fresh dynamics to the Fortnite experience.

That covers everything on Fortnite Big Bang event for the moment. Don’t forget to explore How to Check Your Stats in Fortnite and How to Find the Buried Treasure Map as the Fortnite OG season progresses.


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