Fortnite – How to Get The Flow Emote

An image of The Flow emote in Fortnite, featuring the dance.

Want to know how to get The Flow emote in Fortnite? In this guide, you will read the original source of the emote, its price and how to get it in full detail.

Emotes are a vital part of Fortnite’s culture, offering mini animations for a bit of playful taunting or to dance with friends. With thousands of emotes available for purchase, some stand out more for their fun factor. In this article, we’ll dive into how you can get one of these, specifically The Flow dance emote.

An image of The Flow emote in Fortnite, feature Adam Rose's original dance video.
Image via Adam Rose’s YouTube

How to Get The Flow Emote in Fortnite

Getting The Flow emote in Fortnite is quite straightforward. Simply head to the in-game store and purchase it for 500 V-Bucks. There’s no need for a special package or to complete any specific quest to enjoy this lively dance.

First introduced on October 28, 2020, The Flow emote is inspired by a popular TikTok dance created by realadamrose, who has over 4.8 million followers. His dance quickly amassed tens of millions of views. Recognizing its popularity, Epic Games promptly reached out to Adam for a license. The voice you hear during the emote is actually Adam’s. For more insights, don’t miss the YouTube video where he details the entire process.

Since its addition in Chapter 2 Season 4, The Flow has been a staple in the store. If you’d like, you can view a preview on before making the purchase.

How to Get Enough V-Bucks to Get The Flow Emote

To get the cool The Flow emote mentioned earlier, you’ll need to shell out 500 V-Bucks. V-Bucks are Fortnite’s virtual in-game currency, which you can either buy with real money or earn by completing various missions or advancing through Battle Pass levels.

The catch is that you can’t buy just 500 V-Bucks from the Epic Games Store—the smallest amount available for purchase is 1000 V-Bucks, priced at $8.99. Opting for larger packages does cost more, but they also include extra rewards.

Once you’ve purchased your V-Bucks, you can then visit the in-game store to spend them on skins or emotes as you see fit. This, of course, excludes the elusive Aerial Assault Trooper outfit.

That covers everything on Fortnite The Flow emote for the moment. Don’t forget to explore How to Get Founder’s Umbrella and How to Use Voice Report as the Fortnite OG season progresses.


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