“Even Ranked Is 90% Bots Now,” Fortnite Community Complains About Bots in the Game

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Bots tend to be a problem in many online games. From MMOs to shooters and more, they serve a variety of purposes but are almost always there to annoy other players. Fortnite seems to have a growing bot problem as well, as they have infested Ranked game mode of late. According to the Fortnite community on Reddit, they have been encountering a growing number of bots across several ranks.

Growing Number of Bots in Fortnite Ranked Mode

Bots aren’t anything new in Fortnite. In fact, as of Season 1 of Chapter 2, they have been a regular part of the game. They spawn when there aren’t enough players in the lobby and behave as low-skilled players to buff up the numbers.

But these bots were mostly restricted to more casual game modes. They only appeared in Ranked when there was a severe lack of players. Some players on Reddit claim to have seen an overwhelming number of bots there, however, raising concern with others voicing agreement.

User Cheap-Pie8077 thinks that they have a role to fill, even in Ranked: “Bots have to exist or you’d be spending hours searching”. This is a valid concern, especially in lower tiers where there are very few players at any one time.

The largest number of bots seem to be in Bronze rank, followed by Silver, and are almost gone in Gold, according to Confabin. With many agreeing, it seems that it’s not that the bots are the problem, but that the low player population in lower ranks is perpetuating the issue.

Some see it as a net positive, like user Bluetreeheli: “Playing against bots is a good thing as long as I get my game in and I don’t have to keep waiting forever”.

A rising number of bots in lower ranks could point to several issues in Fortnite. It’s possible that the interest in Ranked in those brackets has fallen off. Or, conversely, that a huge number of players have progressed out of those ranks, leaving only a few players that are unable to climb. 

What is your take on the matter? Do you mind seeing more bots if that means you get into a match faster? Let us know in the comments and on our social media.

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