Epic Games Nerfs Fortnite V-Bucks, Leaving the Community Divided

Screenshot of the Daily Quest log in Fortnite.

There’s a major shakeup coming to Fortnite, with heated fan reactions on both sides of the fence. Namely, after years in place, Fortnite is planning to do away with Daily Login rewards in patch v25.10. Instead, the plan is for those rewards to be redistributed to Daily Quests and Mission Alerts. Fortnite players had a lot to say on the matter, so let’s check the pulse and see what’s going on.

Fortnite Planning To Remove Dialy Login Rewards

As you well know, when you log into Fortnite, you’ll receive a Daily Login reward. Sometimes these rewards could even be the coveted V-Bucks. Then you have the option to do Daily Quests and Mission Alerts for extra rewards. In patch v25.10, Fortnite is planning to redistribute those rewards after removing the Daily Login system.

Many players had the knee-jerk reaction of calling this a nerf to their V-Buck generation. There’s a Reddit thread demanding this change to be reverted. However, this didn’t seem to get as much traction on this thread as it did on the official Twitter post.

The Twitter commenters were far more negative about the change, seeing it as a net loss. Without digging into Epic Games’ blog post, they seem to think that this is Fortnite removing their free rewards. The majority of those who disagree with this change were the players who were on the cusp of reaching the 800 or 1000 V-Buck payouts from Daily Logins.

Another source of contention is the Save the World mode, which had a rocky lifespan to begin with. “If they want us to actively play StW, maybe they should try not abandoning it”, says one user, followed by “Rather than using this trick on us”.

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Are the changes a net loss or a net gain?

Contrary to the Twitter sentiment, the Reddit crowd seems much more welcoming to these changes. On both the thread linked above, as well as the official post, the community seems to be in agreement that this is a good change.

“Did you even read the blog post?” is a common question addressing complaints in these threads. The players surmise that those who already did their dailies and played the game would come out with more rewards than before. They argue that this only hurts those who would log on to pick up the reward without playing the game.

This change is coming on the back of many others since Season 3 of Chapter 4 launched. The back and forth with the community has been a weekly if not daily occurrence. So what do you think about these changes? Are you in favor of getting more rewards if you put more effort into the game? Let us know in the comments and on our social media links!

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