Fortnite Community Points Out What’s Missing in Chapter 4

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There’s something missing in Fortnite these days. While we couldn’t quite put a finger on it, the Fortnite Reddit community has pinpointed the issue. When was the last time there was a live event or concert in the game? You’ll have to think a while back — in Chapter 3 of Season 4.

That’s right, it was the ill-received Fracture event, fraught with technical issues and disconnects. Despite that, the community clearly thinks we’re due a new live event or concert soon to drive engagement between Fortnite fans.

What Happened to Fortnite’s Live Events and Concerts?

The Fortnite Reddit community has rallied around the thread started by user Jazzlike-Ad7654 to discuss the issue. The thread boldly titled “Nobody is speaking about the fact live events and big concerts have almost disappeared off the game?” has hit a nerve with the community.

Much of the discussion speculates that Epic Games has been burned by the failure of the Fracture event, making them take things slower and reevaluate their approach. 

As Redditor Procontroller points out, “What I always felt around live events is that they would always try to raise the bar from previous events. I feel like I enjoyed each event more than the last except for Fracture. It pretty much knocked the bar way back down. Whatever they’re planning now, I hope they plan to make it better than Fracture”.

Many commenters agree with them, reinforced by this comment garnering the most upvotes in the thread. However, some users point out Epic’s stance for a “cooldown period” when it comes to these events.

As explained by PartnersOfConjecture in a longer comment, “[…] The idea was that after a big event, such as a climactic finish to a storyline, Epic wants to lower the stakes. Then after a while, they’ll build it up again. This happened in Chapter 2. With the first actual live event taking around 8 months from Chapter 1’s climatic finish. […]”.

The Curious Case of LTMs

Almost hijacking the thread, another topic was repeated throughout the discussion: what about LTMs (Limited Time Modes)? These game modes often drove fan engagement in a similar manner to live events and concerts, yet they are missing from modern Fortnite too. 

The variation of “Bring back LTMs and live events!” is a popular sentiment among the fans, as much as “They gotta bring LTMs too” and other similar quotes. What all of this means is that the community may be happy to play the new Season, but would much prefer a shakeup to the tedium. The Battle Royale and its other modes are as popular as ever, but players long for other reasons to log in to Fortnite.

So what is there to do at this point? Epic Games have been shown to be able to listen to community feedback, so there’s still hope. We can’t know what they’re cooking behind the scenes and it’s possible that a new event or concert is right around the corner. The community certainly seems to think that is the case and that we’re long overdue for one.

What do you think about this matter? Is there a Fortnite concert that you badly want to see happen? Let us know in the comments and on our social media links below.

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