Fans Already Demanding Changes In The Latest Fortnite Season

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Raptor

The Fortnite community on Reddit has latched on to a thread discussing the weapons and other changes. In this thread started by user HamOWenn, players discuss several points that have been brought up, but as usual, the discussion blossomed into much more.

Fortnite Fans React to Weapons in Chapter 4 Season 3

The issue was best summed up under the comment thread from Reddit user Cularia, saying, “Everyone complaining about the boomerang isn’t using it correctly. The damn thing explodes! Use the explosion”.

The comments under this thread reveal that simply using the boomerang to hit is not enough. You have to time the hit and trigger the explosion for maximum effect. That revelation skyrockets the boomerang’s damage output from 60 to 120 when timed correctly!

The Kinetic Boomerang is a brand-new weapon in Fortnite and right from the start, it seems to drive a lot of confusion for the players while they’re getting the hang of it. The most significant divide is between players who have found a way to use it effectively and those who did not. That second portion has completely missed that the boomerang has a toggle to make it explode after hitting the enemy. 

Another contentious weapon is the Drum Shotgun, heralding a spam-heavy “auto-shotgun meta.” Players seem to agree that replacing one of them with another type of shotgun would be ideal, with Ranger Shotgun being the overall favorite. “I miss the ranger shotgun so much. Please.” says Cooleo420 and he’s not alone in that sentiment. “I wholeheartedly agree with removing the Drum Shotgun, especially the mythic one.” says another commenter, Raythia.

The Removal of Mobility Brings Fortnite Back to Classic Battle Royale Roots

But the true point of division for everyone is the discussion surrounding mobility in Fortnite. Many mobility items have been either removed or significantly nerfed, making the game feel more like a “traditional battle royale” for many players.

There’s an argument to be made for the necessity of having more mobility in a game that already has cars, hoverboards, and now even raptor mounts. Players against additional mobility items tend to favor a “camping” play style, with a well-detailed summation presented by user Redditkilled4chan.

On the other end of the spectrum, players who like to zip around the map lament the loss of their favorite toys. Moreover, no new mobility items have been added with the new season. A moderate response by the user Nflfan32 explains why some extra mobility might be necessary, “Add some sort of mini mobility item. Nothing like ODM or Spider Man where you can travel across the map. Something more like the katana where you can move a little.”

In conclusion, the new season of Fortnite has shaken things up enough to get the community talking. There are many who like the refreshed play style and many others who look for tweaks to the new formula.

Will the complaints remain one or two weeks from now when everyone’s grown accustomed to it? For instance, having more mobility is always fun for those who can utilize it, but then completely shuts down players who like a slower approach.

There are always two sides to a coin, and changes in games are no different. It’s rare that a change is met with universal praise or derision, so it remains to be seen how Epic reacts to the fans’ assessments. 

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