7 Best Horror Maps Codes In Fortnite (February 2024)

Here to check the best horror maps codes in Fortnite?

Fortnite has a very creative way of one-upping many other battle royale games, thanks to its Creative Mode. The fact that this creative mode enables the game to reach entirely new levels of possibility is one special feature that players worldwide love. The creators of maps have also seized this opportunity to add the most thrilling layers of horror to Fortnite.

We have seen a surge in the popularity of horror maps among players, whose main purpose is solely to scare players to the point that they drop their controllers. With the main objective of these maps in these eerie settings is to either escape the haunted place with a little bit of the classic Fortnite adventure or solve several puzzles, we’ve compiled the seven best horror maps (and their codes) we could find in Fortnite so you can also try them out! 

Best Horror Maps Codes In Fortnite

1 – The Lab Escape

shot from the lab escape in fortnite creative
Image by N4G Unlocked via Wishbone YouTube

Code: 7653-6246-4698

The Lab Escape is a pretty terrifying experience that will test your wits along with your critical thinking as you solve and make your way through the haunted halls of a deserted lab. As you traverse through the hallways, you’ll constantly be hearing something whispering, which adds to the already horrifying aura of the lab. 

Other than that, you’ll get some well-timed jump scares in the game, especially when you’re not expecting them, throwing you off your chair. You’ll also need some parkour skills as there will be areas where you need to watch your step. Do you have what it takes to escape, or will you fall prey to the spirit that lurks beyond the walls of the lab?

2 – The Fortnite Backrooms

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via (Pimit) YouTube
  • Map Code: 4919-4653-3585

The Fortnite Backorooms is just like the real horror Backrooms, featuring the same gloomy-looking liminal space that looks like an empty maze of deserted offices. Starting this map, you wake up in a different reality altogether, where mysterious and creepy creatures are lurking behind every corner. 

In order to attempt an escape from this nightmare, you are required to find your way and complete 18 levels of the game to earn the dub. However, the catch to reach each level is to find teddy bears scattered across the map. Once you’ve collected the required teddys, you’ll automatically advance to the next level.

3 – The Souls Within

player in dark alley in fortnite creative map the souls within
Image by N4G Unlocked via Lieoz YouTube

Code: 7326-7977-6547

Code: 1774-7942-6848Duo Version

The Souls Within takes place in a typical horror-story mansion from which you’ll be trying to escape. The mansion is pitch black, and your flashlight is an essential component in your effort to escape. What’s good is that you can play this mode with your buddy as a duo, which can make the game more enjoyable. 

While you’re trying to escape, a tall figure will appear before you who will try to kill you, so you’ll have to keep your distance from it. The mansion is like a maze, so make sure you don’t get lost in the haunted hallways.

4 – The Apartment 

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via (Unknown User) YouTube
  • Map Code: 9833-8062-2391

One specific Fortnite horror map to keep you on the edge of your seats is The Apartment. This map, as the name suggests, is set inside a dark, eerie-looking apartment where your character lives, and you have to go along with the narrative set by the creator. You’ll be given various tasks, instructing you to explore the location and uncover clues about the apartment in question. 

While the story for the map is itself pretty short, you’ll find it fun to play if you love sudden noises and creepy rooms. With multiple endings available for its small story, you won’t get bored of it any time soon!

5 – Alverton Hills: Asylum 

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via (SundayCW) YouTube
  • Map Code: 9957-4857-6309

If you’re looking for an immersive storyline, then the Alverton Hills Asylum map is just what you need. Playing the role of a desperate journalist who’s waiting for their big break, you’ll be turning to the asylum on Alverton Hills to investigate their story of six missing children. Right off the bat, you’re tasked with exploring the asylum and finding different clues as to what went down there which led to its closure. 

Although the map involves a lot of reading for clues and hints, it’s great fun if you’re interested in a unique storyline and eerie atmosphere.

6 – Jag’s Horror House

fortnite player walking towards dinner table in creative map jags horror house
Image By N4G Unlocked via Marcoland523 Youtube

Code: 5028-1548-0889

Jag’s Horror House is another Fortnite Creative mode in which you enter a haunted house and have to survive. You’ll be exploring the mansion, with a maximum of 16 players, where you’ll be hearing eerie and witch-like noises as you walk by each room. Brace yourself for a ton of jump scares and a spooky-looking looking half-man-half-alien creature who’s chasing after you. 

In the end, to win, you and your friends have to locate the dinner table and escape the map as you’re chased by the strange-looking creature. The map will end when you, along with all your crew, have successfully interacted with the pumpkin near the dinner table. 

7 – Subway Escape

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via (Wishbone) YouTube
  • Map Code: 0168-4540-6811

With Subway Escape, you’ll find yourself a part of a train crash in an underground subway on a weird island. While your first instinct would be to get out of the train somehow, it’s not that simple. You will have to solve 10 different puzzles and avoid jump scares to get a chance at making it out alive. Fortunately, you can even play this map with your friends online and have some support because trust us, you’ll need all the help you can get!

Bonus: One Last Sacrifice

Fortnite promo image for a One Last Sacrifice map
Image via Caylor
  • Code: 2898-6711-4466

Created by Caylor, this is among the scariest Fortnite horror maps. You, and the rest of the players, have to spend the night in your new home. As time passes by, things go downhill and stuff gets progressively scarier and scarier. This is the Part 1, and unfortunately, there is no word about Part 2.

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