Best Warmup and Edit Course Codes in Fortnite (February 2024)

Fortnite characters posing in a v-formation. Some hold weapons while the leader stands defiant.

Warming up and practicing your editing is extremely important if you want to be a great Fortnite player. Check out these best warmup and edit course codes in Fortnite.

Using a map to warm up will get your aiming and building skills on point, so you’re ready for even the toughest tests during a Battle Royale game. Furthermore, edit courses will allow you to create new building strategies and hone advanced skills without the pressure of dying in the first 15 seconds of a game!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best warmup and edit course codes in Fortnite.

Codes for the Best Warmup and Edit Course in Fortnite

  • Flea’s Editing Dictionary
  • Simple 1v1 Build Fights Map Code
  • The Warmup Facility 
  • Simple 1v1 Build Fights
  • Box PVP 2023
  • Warmup + Aim Training 3
  • Candooks Ultimate Warm-Up Map
  • Aim Trainer UEFN (Fast Motion Mode)

Flea’s Editing Dictionary

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Code: 7301-0487-6832

Let’s kick things off with one of the best warmup maps Fortnite has ever seen—Flea’s Editing Dictionary.

This map has pretty much everything that you could ask for from a warmup/edit course. Looking to practice new structures? Formulate new building strategies? You’ll be able to do all this, and more, with Flea’s Editing Dictionary.

Fela’s Dictionary is particularly useful for building muscle memory with builds, and we don’t have to say how important building those quick reactions are in intense situations!

Simple 1v1 Build Fights Map Code

A creative map course in Fortnite.
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Code: 9134-2253-5282

If you’re looking for something a little different, Simple 1v1 Build Fights might just be the map for you.

Instead of a normal, single-player format, this map switches things up by pitching you up against one of your friends, or another random player. You’ll then take that player on, in a variety of challenges.

This will allow you to warm up and practice your edits and other skills, all whilst having an absolute blast with your friends. So, if you’re looking to make your warmups a little more enjoyable, make sure to check this map out!

The Warmup Facility 

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Code: 7820-1707-7185

Unlike the last map on our list, The Warmup Facility is all about solo practice. However, the courses and practice routines are far from boring.

Instead of making use of more generic bots and targets, The Warmup Facility focuses on practices through unique minigames and tasks. For instance in one game, you’ll need to create the Mongrall Class Build. Whereas, In another minigame, you’ll need to shoot several sentinel turrets inside a huge building.

These minigames are particularly great for aim training, as you’ll be forced to practice your skills in intense situations.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for something a little different, you should definitely give The Warmup Facility a try.

Simple 1v1 Build Fights

fortnite creative simple 1v1 build fights map
Image via That One Guy7-YT
  • Code: 9134-2253-5282

Simple 1v1 Fights keeps the rules, well….. simple. Here, you can practice your endgame skills in various settings and scenarios due to this map’s simplistic flat terrain. Being borderless, you can extend your fights beyond the limits of the flat platform and terraform it according to your needs. 

Unlike other ‘traditional’ 1v1 maps, what makes Simple 1v1 Maps a fantastic warm-up method is its ability to house up to 16 players. This means you can simulate all kinds of game scenarios, whether that be Duo Vs Duo, Trios Vs Trios, Or Quads Vs Quads. Try out different weapons, set yourself up in challenging scenarios to hone your skills, and make the most of this epic warm-up map!

Box PVP 2023

Screenshot by N4G Unlocked
  • Code: 8335-3840-4832

If you’re looking to warm up, specifically your box fighting techniques, Box PVP 2023 is a great map to go for.

Box fights are one of the most difficult aspects of Battle Royale, and they often go neglected in practice. I mean, how many times have we all died in close-quarters situations?

Well, if you warm up on this map, you’ll be able to practice your close proximity engagements, which will pay dividends when it comes to Battle Royale.

Warmup + Aim Training 3

fortnite creative warmup + aim training 3 map
Image via pan_go
  • Code: 0369-9490-7713

Warm Up + Aim Training 3 caters to your needs by offering multiple scalable levels for aim training and building + editing. The map has different stages, such as easy, medium, and hard versions for simple aim training, where you can choose from a variety of meta guns. It also has similar versions for building and editing, where each level will pit you in a sequentially tougher scenario. 

From what we’ve tested, the best way to approach this map is by starting from the lowest difficulty and scaling it up until you push the limits of your skill and mechanics. As far as warm-up maps go, Warm Up + Aim Training 3 by Pan_Go is one of the best if you’re looking for a map to play right before a game of Battle Royale.

Candooks Ultimate Warm-Up Map

fortnite creative candooks ultimate warm up map
Image via Candooks
  • Code: 2338-7889-8904

Candook being one of the best creators when it comes to building, training, and warm-up courses, it comes as no surprise that his ultimate all-in-one course landed on this list. 

His Ultimate Warm-up map has 10 levels for piece control (to improve your building skills), and four different aim training routines, catering to a specific mechanic in each one. Finally he has three difficulty levels for his edit courses, letting you ramp up the toughness of the course as you accelerate through your warm-up.

Aim Trainer UEFN(Fast Motion Mode)

Fortnite youtube screenshot of Fast Motion Mode map
Image via Auron-79
  • Code: 9741-6710-6888

Auron-79 gave us the latest and one of the best aim trainers. The main feature is the Fast mode, which increases the spawn and movement speed, thus preparing players for all kinds of shootouts and improving their overall speed and reflexes. Also, the map uses the new UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite) features, which improves the server refresh rate, graphics, and visual effects.

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