Best Zone War Map Codes In Fortnite (February 2024)

Since the release of Creative Mode in 2018, the entire Fortnite space has changed drastically. While the most popular aspect of Fortnite is still its competitive Battle Royale mode, Creative allows the player base to exercise their imagination and produce amazing maps for the community to appreciate, just like Zone War, so let’s check out a couple of best map codes. 

Zone Wars perfectly exemplify what you get when you let the Creative Community loose; one of the most fun, exciting ways to practice your endgame skills is through fighting for the final spot in the zone. If you want to take your building and snaking skills to the next level, check out our seven best Zone Wars maps and their codes in our guide below.

1 – Gulag Zone Wars

Image via SAVVY6K
  • Gulag ZoneWars Map Code: 9810-7942-8800

If you’ve ever dabbled in the Warzone Battle Royale, you’re probably familiar with Gulag-style fights. The Gulag Zone Wars are designed as a likeness of those fights, except they have an added spice element. 

You’ll have to navigate through the maze-like room to search for enemies. You get to choose the loadout you spawn with after each death, so you can test out a bunch of different guns, utilities, and playstyles as you try to prove yourself as the best player in the lobby. The Gulag is a tough and unforgiving place; do you have what it takes to eliminate everyone in the Zone and take the dub?

2 – Duo Zone Wars 

Image via YT-DROIA
  • Duo Zone War Map Code: 1688-9738-8998

Practice your Duo skills in a server entirely dedicated to hosting Duo Zone Wars. Communication and coordination are essential elements in those crucial final zone battles, and Duo Zone Wars is the perfect place to start practicing your skills with your partner.

Duo Zone Wars starts on a classic map and can host 32 players or 16 teams. You’ll have to build and battle your way to becoming the king of the ring and fight until you’re the last team standing.

3 – Lockdown Zone Wars

Image via KingQuillo
  • Lockdown Zone Wars Map Code: 0354-5587-5414

Try out this dynamic Zone Wars Map if you feel like playing a map that has a unique twist. Lockdown Zone Wars plays out as a regular Zone Wars Map where you must try your best to survive. Building and boxing yourself as you claim a part of the map as your territory will be a viable strategy in the mode for a while. 

The map suddenly overturns itself at random occasions mid-game, becoming a big box where all players will have to suddenly face each other head-on. Your previous builds will do you no good, as everyone’s forced into close-quarter altercations. So make sure you loot a nice shotgun before you get boxed in.!

4 – Medieval Tilted Towers Zone Wars

Image via THEVAMP
  • Medieval Tilted Towers Zone Wars Map Code: 4581-0212-0603

All the OGs know how chaotic the iconic Tilted Towers would get, regardless of which point in the game you were. Everyone can agree that a Zone Wars map featuring Tilted Towers would be great, but what about a Zone Wars map where all the players are forced to use medieval weapons?

That’s right, the Medieval Tilted Towers Map rolls back in time and only offers medieval weapons like crossbows, swords, and axes as weapons. The Zone will attempt to constantly push all the players into a tighter circle, so you’ll have to hack, swipe, and jab at your competition to make it to the top. 

5 – OG Zone Wars

fortnite creative og zone wars mao
Image via fortniteferdi
  • OG Zone Wars Map Code: 8861-3034-0779

For those who love the classic version of Fortnite, the OG Zone Wars minigame is a must-try. It blends all the beloved old-school Fortnite features with four unique maps, diverse loot pools, and a range of achievements to unlock as you play. The circle also closes up way rapidly, and you need to have super survival instincts in order to win this mode. 

Immerse yourself in this nostalgic throwback and compete against up to twenty other online players in exhilarating combat. The last one standing wins. 

6 – Purgatory: Ski Resort Zone Wars

fortnite creative purgatory ski resort zone wars map
Image via spankysully
  • Purgatory: Ski Resort Zone Wars Map Code: 8157-3789-9827

Experience the excitement of Purgatory: Ski Resort, a Zone Wars game with thrilling themed maps that guarantee high-intensity arena gameplay. Take on your opponents on the challenging downhill and uphill slopes of the ski resort, fighting to be the sole survivor. 

Even if you are eliminated early on, you won’t have to wait long to jump back into the action, as the lobby offers fun minigames such as box fights and parkour courses. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in Purgatory: Ski Resort. You’ll be alongside a maximum of 16 players, who’ll be out there for your blood.

7 – Duos Tilted Zone Wars

fortnite creative map duos tilted zone wars map
Image via prettyboy
  • Duos Tilted Zone Wars Map Code: 5140-1276-9835

Tilted Towers remains a highly favored point of interest (POI) in Fortnite and is likely one of the top locations for zone wars and close-quarters player-versus-player battles. You land on Tilted Towers and experience the same action you would in the battle royale, only much more chaotic. 

This is why Duos Tilted Zone Wars is an excellent choice to explore with a partner, as you can earn XP for your battle pass while engaging in the frenzied chaos of Tilted Towers and vying to be the final team standing.

Honorable Mention: Forever Zone Wars

Fortnite promo image for the Foroever Zone Wars map
Image via JivanTV
  • Code: 5473-5965-0108

As a bonus, we added this one, created by JivanTV. In Forever Zone Wars, the fights are, unsurprisingly, forever. Here you are flying solo, in a free-for-all experience, with limitless respawns. You can play as long as you like, practice any combination, and thoroughly prepare for the Battle Royale matches.

If you’re looking for new game modes to enjoy or just get some practice reps for a Battle Royale Tournament, these Zone War maps will be a great tool for you. For more Fortnite map codes, take a look at Fortnite Best Deathrun Course Codes, Best Aim Course, and Best Gun Games Map Codes.


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