“It’s Chapter 1 All Over Again” Fortnite Players Complain About the New Game-Breaking Bug

Fortnite characters battle in the streets of Mega City

After the new Fortnite season seemed to find footing, players discovered a new bug. It’s annoying and arguably game-breaking. There are certain spots of swimmable water that instantly kill your character when you hop into them. Sounds familiar? It did to a lot of players as well. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Fortnite Community Outraged at a Returning Bug

How did this bug get discovered? While we don’t know for sure who was the first to find it, user Hiks_dude on Reddit captured it in action on video. They shared the proof in a Reddit thread, with plenty of other players chiming in that they have encountered it too.

“[It’s] Chapter 1 all over again” is Rifted-06’s sentiment that resonates with a large portion of commenters. This refers to a similar bug that happened way back in Chapter 1 and has since been fixed. Seemingly, because it reared its ugly head once again.

“Finally, a chance to play Chapter 1 again” jokes another Redditor. The players are clearly taking this bug in jest, but if it happens in Ranked, it could be devastating. Thankfully, there is some good news as well.

The Reddit mod bot has acknowledged the bug and that means we’re a step closer to having it fixed. Even though it’s an automated response, at least it’s taking the report into account. Hopefully, this means it will reach Epic’s devs and they’ll provide a quick fix.

Some players were wondering if this bug affected only shallow water, swimmable water, or deep water. The OP of the thread went back to test it further and came back with interesting findings: 

“Guys I tested [your] “its shallow” theories and I tried it in like 3 different matches. I died in 1 of them in the other 2 I had to drop like way on the left to my original spot to actually take fall damage”.

This bug can be game-breaking for many players and it’s not unreasonable that some may rage-quit after encountering it. But since it seems that Epic has taken it into account, we hope there’s a quick fix on the horizon. 

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