Fortnite Community Points Out a Major Flaw With the Game’s Lore

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It looks like Fortnite is suffering from a “dropped storyline” syndrome. Many live service games suffer from this now and again, with overarching plot hooks vanishing with the next season, chapter, league, and so on. With a good portion of Fortnite players interested in the game’s world, characters, and story, many of them have been picking up on this trend.

Fortnite Community Reacts to Quests and Stories Never Reaching a Conclusion

Chapter 4: Season 3 of Fortnite has brought its own pulpy adventure quests to the game. There is little to no connection to what was happening previously, and the players have been picking up on that. In this Reddit thread by user DoubleOsix, players wonder what has happened to the “Oatchbound quests, The Citadel, and the related portal.

The community of players who follow the game’s lore seems to be dejected by nothing really connecting. There are more than a few comments highlighting how they’ve pretty much given up on following the lore because there’s no payoff.

In a longer comment, user iMpact980 puts it this way: “This is Epic’s way. Create interesting ideas, introduce interesting characters, then abandon them[…].” This sentiment is only compounded by SailorPrimus’ comment “I noticed I’ve given up on paying attention to any of the story elements now because nothing seems to tie together or resolve.”

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Many players call the story “messy” at this point, while others argue that Epic doesn’t even care about it. There are a number of even more cynical players who believe that it’s been this way for a while now. 

A decent argument is that there are different writers and scenario teams working on Fortnite each season, which doesn’t lend itself well to an overarching narrative. Not many players agree with this take, but it’s food for thought.

Where do you stand in this debate? Do you agree with the majority that Fortnite’s lore has fallen off? Do you think it’s as important as this community seems to think? Let us know in the comments and on our social media links below. Also, speaking of story quests, remember that you can learn how to find the golden Chalice in Fortnite Wilds.

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