How To Find the Golden Chalice in Fortnite

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With the jungle biome added in Fortnite Season 3 of Chapter 4, it makes sense to expect adventures. There are a few pulpy jungle adventures and treasure hunts to take part in, and one of them involves finding a golden Chalice. You may be having trouble with the confusing clues presented in this quest. If so, read our guide to find out how to solve it and find the Chalice in Fortnite.

How To Locate the Chalice Using Aura’s Map in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Your NPC friend Aura will be helping you throughout this quest from her location at Hitches and Ditches Gas Station southeast of Ruble Ruins. She’ll present you with a map that you can interact with and see that the Chalice is located “where Anvil Square once stood”

As you know, Anvil Square has been the victim of the expanding jungle biomes, so you’ll have to trace your steps to find its former location. To help get your bearings, travel north-northwest from Creeky Compound, or directly east from The Citadel.

Look for a tunnel with a keyhole-like entrance. Once you enter the tunnel, you don’t have to go through it and instead can use your pickaxe to break the left side of its wall. This opens a secret passage that leads you to an Altar. You have to offer 100 Gold at the Altar and receive the golden Chalice in return.

What Does the Chalice Do?

Once you pick up the golden Chalice, you will receive 90.000 XP. But more importantly, you will also receive a temporary golden skin. If you were using a male skin, you will become Oro. But if you were using female skin, you will become Orelia. This free skin will last until you’ve been killed, you finish the match, or you turn in the quest to Aura — whichever happens first.

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