Fortnite – Best Maps to Farm XP and level up quickly

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Want to know which are the best Fortnite maps to play to farm XP? In this guide, we will share the codes of the seven best maps, the tips you need, and all the details.

Maps in Fortnite Creative Mode might seem just for fun, but the right choices can be a quick way to earn significant XP. Leveling up is key to swiftly unlocking Battle Pass rewards and free skins. In this list, we’ll share the best Fortnite maps to farm XP that we’ve tested and confirmed to be effective.

Top 7 Fortnite Maps to Farm XP

7. Zombieland

An image of Zombieland Creative map, one of the best XP maps in Fortnite.
Image by N4G Unlocked

Island Code: 9369-6922-8408

In the Fortnite OG Season, you can rack up a good amount of XP by completing missions. But if you’re in the mood for some zombie action, don’t miss Zombieland. It’s a fun way to quickly earn a lot of experience points.

As the name suggests, you’ll aim to survive through increasingly challenging levels. Use the gold you collect to upgrade your weapons. Plus, with no PvP, you won’t have to deal with other players.

Prepare for a long-lasting adventure on one of the best Fortnite XP maps out there.

6. 707 Level Deathrun

An image of 707 Level Deathrun Creative map, one of the best XP maps in Fortnite.
Image by N4G Unlocked

Island Code: 8630-1873-5089

If you’re familiar with Deathrun-style games, where you try to escape on endless maps without getting caught, then Fortnite Creative’s 707 Level Deathrun is a must-try.

It’s one of the community’s most-played maps, and for good reason: you can earn up to 40,000 XP. Your goal is to dodge moving walls and booby traps.

Its replayability factor ranks it high on the list of best games. Plus, playing with friends enhances the fun.

5. One Shot Gun Game

An image of One Shot Gun Game Creative map, one of the best XP maps in Fortnite.
Image by N4G Unlocked

Island Code: 0345-9115-1287

Gaining XP doesn’t always require speed. If you’re confident in your aiming skills, give One Shot Gun Game a try. In this engaging game, you’ll cycle through 50 different weapons, advancing to the next one with each player you eliminate. Be the first to get through all the weapons, and you win.

If you’re familiar with game modes from Counter-Strike 2 or Call of Duty, you’ll recognize this style. This map, created by user Smurff, is among the best of its kind. It’s a great way to hone your aiming skills while earning XP.

4. Crusade – Horde Survival

An image of Crusade - Horde Survival game in Fortnite Creative.
Image by N4G Unlocked

Island Code: 7265-2770-5815

This map, while not as widely known as others, shares similarities with Zombieland in its concept. However, it differs in that you can play in groups of up to five. The goal is to survive against endless, increasingly challenging waves, all without PvP.

Crusade – Horde Survival stands out for its creative design, which is why it’s featured here. It’s not just a static map but includes various explorable sections. This diversity allows for extended playtime and enhances enjoyment.

As one of the top Fortnite XP maps, Crusade is particularly fun with a close-knit group of friends. If Modern Warfare 3 Zombies wasn’t to your liking, give this map a shot.

3. The Pit – Free for All

An image of The Pit - Free for All game, most popular island in Fortnite Creative.
Image by N4G Unlocked

Island Code: 4590-4493-7113

It may seem odd to mention one of Fortnite Creative’s most popular maps, but The Pit offers limitless XP potential. It’s a notable omission if not included on this list.

True to its name, The Pit is an incredible deathmatch mode where you can access every weapon in the game. While honing your aiming skills, you can also rack up hundreds of thousands of XP. It’s a great spot to practice, even if leveling up isn’t your main goal.

For those interested, the Zero Build version of this map is accessible with the code 4496-8509-3370.

2. Pandvil Box Fight (2V2)

An image of Box Fights Creative map, one of the best XP maps in Fortnite.
Image by N4G Unlocked

Island Code: 6562-8953-6567

Box Fights is one of the most favored categories in Fortnite Creative, where competitive players battle to come out on top. While typically focused on 1v1 and Free for All formats, there are variations.

If you enjoy playing Fortnite with a friend, then Pandvil Box Fight (2V2) is a perfect choice. Designed specifically for duos, this map lets you compete against other pairs, climb the leaderboard, and earn substantial XP in the process.

Like other maps on this list, it’s also excellent for warming up before more intense gaming sessions.

1. Tilted Zone Wars

An image of Tilted Zone Wars map, best Fortnite XP maps ever.
Image by N4G Unlocked

Island Code: 3729-0643-9775

Tilted Zone Wars isn’t just popular—it’s also one of the oldest maps in Fortnite Creative. Think of it as a mini Fortnite. In rounds with 16 players, the goal is to be the last one standing. Succeed, and you’ll quickly rack up XP.

As of this article’s writing, over 94.2 thousand people were playing this mode. So, finding an opponent here is never an issue. Battles begin immediately upon entering the map.

How to Play the Fortnite Creative Maps?

Accessing Creative maps in Fortnite, introduced in 2018, is straightforward. You just need the unique 12-digit code for the island you wish to play on. With this code, you can quickly join your chosen map.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Fortnite and click the search icon at the top left of the lobby.
  2. In the new window, input the 12-digit code in the search bar.
  3. If you don’t have a code, explore maps by browsing categories.
  4. Once you’ve entered the code, select the map that appears and hit Select.
  5. You’re all set!

That covers everything on the best Fortnite maps to farm XP for the moment. Don’t forget to explore other Fortnite articles from our team, such as Eminem Concert in Fortnite and How to Get the Eminem Skin.


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