Fortnite Is Getting a Massive Content Drop by the End of the Year

Fortnite future content drop

Fortnite may be getting a lot of content in the future if the rumours are true. There’s a lot for Fortnite players to look forward to in the second half of 2023. For some, what happens over the course of the next several months might make or break the game. Epic Games is spinning many plates at the moment and the game is in a delicate situation. Many players feel the fatigue and a series of lacklustre content and lack of LTMs are starting to weigh on the Fortnite fanbase. So let’s check out what’s on the horizon for Fortnite in the future.

Massive Future Content Drop In Fortnite Could Rally the Players

According to Ako on Twitter, the next few months could be crucial for Fortnite’s future. With so much content in the pipeline, the players have a diverse number of activities to look forward to. But will it be enough to get the game off of shaky ground?

While most of the future content is wrapped in rumours or near-certain, we can still make an educated guess of what’s coming. As per Ako’s tweet, here’s a list of everything that players could see over the following months:

  • Fortnite x LEGO Collab
  • Chapter 4: Durian Event (with Season 4)
  • Launch of Chapter 5
  • A New Map
  • First Person mode (possibly)
  • New Racing Mode
  • “Order Restored” Comics
  • More Fortnite Lore
  • UEFN Improvements (possibly)

As you can see, that’s quite a lot of future content. What we like the most is just how diverse the offering could be. A new game mode, new collab, new season, there’s something for everyone. 

The sleeper hit of this list could be the potential improvements to UEFN (aka Unreal Engine Fortnite). Further work on this front could be exactly what’s needed to give a splash of innovation to the game’s look and feel. 

Another huge point is the new racing mode, which is going to be huge for the game’s longevity. Many players were already looking for something to break up the battle royale loop, and racing could just scratch that itch.

What are you most looking forward to? Also, check out our Fortnite guides like How Does Storm Surge Work in Fortnite and How to Slide in Fortnite.


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