XDefiant How to Fix Victor-01 Error Code

Screenshot during a match in XDefiant

With the launch of XDefiant came the various error codes, like Victor-01, which are preventing players from enjoying the game. So instead of picking a faction and grinding towards the best weapon loadout, you get stuck outside the game with an error to fix. Luckily, there are several ways players can try to fix error code Victor-01 and return to gaming quickly.  

How to Fix Victor-01 Error Code in XDefiant

Although error code Victor-01 is a version mismatch issue in XDefiant, it can happen to players even if they have the latest version of the game. This can happen due to server connection issues, especially after an update or maintenance. Whatever the cause of the Vector-01 error, below you will find ways that can help fix it. 

XDefiant image of the Meltdown map
Image via Ubisoft

Check the Server Status

Sometimes, after a patch update or maintenance, an error like this can appear even if your game is fully updated. The best way to start, when fixing problems like these, is to check the game’s server status. Check out our article on XDefiant Server Status, which explains how to find out the game’s server status in detail. 

Check for Updates

The primary reason for the Victor-01 error is the mismatch of the game versions. The version on your platform and the current version of the game might be different, which can cause this problem. Keeping the game up to date will make sure that errors like Victor-01 do not happen in the future. Moreover, this can be done by using Ubisoft Connect, going to the Library, and locating XDefiant. If there is a newer version, instead of a Play button, you will see Update. Click on it and wait for the game to finish before trying to play XDefiant again.     

Restart Your Platform

Restarting the platform players are playing the game on is an old but reliable way of fixing errors like this. The system restart will close all the programs running in the background that might interfere with the game. Restart your platform, wait for it to boot back up, and try XDefiant to see if the error persists.  

Reinstall XDefiant

If nothing else we mentioned above helped, reinstalling the game might be your best choice. This might take longer, but it will provide you with a new and fully updated version of the game, which will fix any mismatching problems and will fix the Victor-01 error in XDefiant.   


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