Does XDefiant Have Aim Assist?

Image of a character posing with a gun in XDefiant

Every time a new FPS game like XDefiant releases, players always wonder about the use of Aim Assist. As with any online game that offers the option of crossplay, there is always concern about Aim Assist ruining the experience. This feature has been a source of many arguments in the community, although it gives controller-using players a more equal footing when dealing with mouse and keyboard players. However, Aim Assist can be seen as an unfair advantage, or it can be exploited to gain an advantage over others.

Is There Aim Assist in XDefiant?

Yes, XDefiant uses Aim Assist, but not just the standard Aim Assist we have all grown to live with. Developers worked on this feature from day one, and the progress was felt during the Beta testing stage. Currently, there are three Aim Response Curve Types to choose from in the game. This is great news for controller players, and it will allow them to better tailor Aim Assist to their liking.

How to Set up Aim Assist in XDefiant

Using Settings, under the Controller tab, players will find all they need to set up their controller. Although many of the settings are personal preferences, we will go over the new options under Aim Response Curve Types. 

In XDefiant, Aim Assist should be automatically turned on for all controller players, and it can be disabled. This is done in the Controller Settings menu by toggling from Standard to Disabled. On the other hand, Aim Response Curve Types allow players to pick which Aim Assist option they want to use: 

XDefiant image of the Meltdown map
Image via Ubisoft


The standard option improves aim and control by reducing the effect of finer stick movement. Additionally, it improves look speed by increasing large stick movement.


This option is aimed at more experienced players, and it does not use any impute value boost. Simply put, aim rate speed is directly tied to stick movement.  

Reverse S-Curve

Using a Reverse S-Curve will reduce the effects of moderate camera movement, but it boosts small and large camera movements. This is great for players whose primary concern is their mobility. 


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