XDefiant Launch Trailer Sows Confusion Among Fans

Screenshot of different agents escorting a payload in XDefinant

It’s a busy week for the XDefiant community. The Preseason launch is scheduled for May 21, while on May 16, the Launch Trailer for XDefiant dropped. Unfortunately, even the most hopeful XDefiant fans were underwhelmed after the Launch Trailer that left them impatient for the Preseason. Many fans shared their confusion over the launch trailer and what it will mean for XDefiant.

XDefiant Launch Trailer Left Players With More Questions Than Answers

Players were quick to agree that even though the Trailer was “lacking”, they were still extremely interested in trying it. They rushed to Reddit to offer some words of support, as well as express some occasionally constructive criticism.

One of them, mrloveglove, proclaimed: “Excited for the game but that has to be one of the worst trailers ever lol”. Level_Measurement749 added: “Yeah, not a great piece of marketing but let’s hope word of mouth will do its job”. Fortunately, the fans are already hyped, so the Trailer didn’t do much damage.
Another fan, FireworkFuse, said: “As someone who had seen nothing from the game but had heard good things from the beta testers, this was an awful trailer. Still planning to check it out of course but this isn’t gonna move the skeptical IMO”. Cosm1c_Dota was annoyed by the sound effects. They contributed: “Why did they make the guns sound so awful”. Some other players complained about the voice actors, as well.

Fortunately, the majority of players don’t really care about marketing and trailers. They are just happy they will get to try out XDefiant soon. RoRo25 explained the excitement. They stated: “I still can’t believe it has taken this long for a free-to-play game focused on team deathmatch/team objective/objective defense. I’m so hyped for this! I hope it kicks off a renaissance of free-to-play games of this kind!”.

Image of all preseason stuff in XDefiant
Image via Ubisoft

XDefiant Players Excited Over Console-Only Crossplay Possibility

Executive Producer of XDefiant, Mark Rubin, confirmed there would be an option to enable or disable crossplay on Xbox. He said: “On Xbox, you have to go to the Xbox settings and turn off crossplay there. We can’t do it from the game due to Xbox’s rules. But if you do it will work and you will only play with other Xbox users”.

In another comment, he clarified: “Those were Xbox’s rules to us. We have to use their system. But our matchmaking does prefer platform so you may not have to wait long for a match if you turn off crossplay. Give it a try. Also, a future feature we are adding will be console-only crossplay. PS5 and Xbox together”.

Finally, he put the fans’ concerns to rest: “I’ve noticed a few people talking about crossplay thinking that what you are seeing in the test is how it would be live. It won’t be the same. Live will have input-based matchmaking and a way to choose no crossplay, console only, or all.
The excitement for the start of the Preseason grows. Fans are getting more impatient with each passing day, not even a “disappointing” launch trailer can diminish the exhilaration surrounding the XDefiant release. It’s been a while since we had a truly great game of this genre, so we can’t wait to try it out.


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