Will XDefiant Have a Battle Royale Mode?

XDefiant image of the Midway map

The highly anticipated release of XDefiant is finally here, and many in the community are wondering if the game is having a Battle Royale Mode. Centred around a conflict involving different factions pulled from various Ubisoft games, XDefiant is a 6v6 arena-like FPS game. The game’s focus is objective-based modes rather than the classic free-for-all or deathmatch. However, since Battle Royale Mode has been among the most popular in recent years, let’s see if XDefiant has it. 

Is there a Battle Royale Mode in XDefiant?

No, XDefiant will not have a Battle Royale Mode upon its launch. It is very unlikely that we will see Battle Royale mode added in the game’s future. Developers have explained that they will not be bringing this mode to XDefiant, and they will be solely focusing on an arena-style experience.  

XDefiant’s core modes all revolve around objective-based modes that are played in a 6v6 format. New modes will be added in the future, according to the XDefiant roadmap for the first year. This will start with the release of Season 1, when the game will get its ranked mode. Moreover, the format will expand to include a 4v4 setting across all modes.

XDefiant group photo of various characters
Image via Ubisoft

Although new modes are planned for the future, Battle Royale is not among them, which might be better in the long run. Focusing on one type of game will certainly produce better results than splitting efforts between two different gaming approaches.

The Battle Royale gaming space is dominated by giants like Warzone, PUBG, and Apex Legends. It would take a lot of work to bring a game that is already committed to a different play style and add a mode that will be good enough to compete with the mentioned releases. Especially if we take into account that Ubisoft already tried to push into the Battle Royale market. Hyper Space was released in 2020, and it lasted only 18 months before the game was canceled. 


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