All Trophies and Achievements in XDefiant

Screenshot of different agents escorting a payload in XDefinant

Trophies and Achievements are nowadays a classic feature in all modern shooters, and following this trend is the latest game from Ubisoft, XDefiant. The game brings factions from the majority of Ubisoft’s franchises into a competitive team-based arena shooter. XDefiant had a turbulent development process, and after a few delays, the game release date is finally here. 

The community’s hopes and expectations are high as we are nearing the release, making players wonder about the achievements. There are certainly achievements and trophies in the game, but are they generic or will we see some unique ones? Considering all the factions pulled from the Ubisoft game, like Ghost Recon or Watch Dogs, it would be great to see some specific trophies for each of them.     

All XDefiant Trophies and Achievements

XDefiant currently has 13 trophies that players can achieve in the game, and none of them are hidden. At this time, the game offers only a barebones trophy list with only three categories: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Notably missing is the Platinum category, but it will certainly come later. Below are currently all the trophies players can claim in XDefiant.  

MVPFinish 3 Matches as MVPGold
BuzzkillCancel 5 enemy UltrasSilver
All Grown UpReach Player Level 50Silver
Weapon MasterLevel-up a Weapon to Level 50Silver
StreakerAchieve a Killstreak of 5 or higherBronze
Team PlayerGet 50 AssistsBronze
ExterminatorGet 50 KillsBronze
WinnerWin 10 MatchesBronze
Grant TourComplete a Match in 5 different Game ModesBronze
Damage DealerDeal 10,000 damageBronze
Party PlayerComplete a Match in a PartyBronze
Defense PlayerHeal or Block 5,000 damageBronze
High-Fivist Send or receive 20 High-FivesBronze
Image of a character posing with a gun in XDefiant
Image via Ubisoft

As mentioned before, these are all the trophies currently available in the game. Certainly, more will be added as the game progresses down the scheduled roadmap. Moreover, we will make sure to update this article and let you know about all future achievements and trophies in the game.   


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