XDefiant Preseason Battle Pass Contents

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If you are wondering what is included in a Battle Pass for a Preseason in XDefiant, we got you covered. Battle Passes have become an integral part of games nowadays, especially among free-to-play FPS titles. Selling Battle Passes is a good way for developers to make money on their free games.

Every in-game season brings a new Battle Pass, and all players will earn XP and progress through it. However, only players who have purchased and unlocked the Battle Pass will receive all the rewards it has to offer. These rewards range from in-game bonuses to XP to unique and exclusive weapon skins and various other in-game cosmetics. 

XDefiant Preseason Battle Pass 

The Preseason in XDefiant will last only six weeks before Season 1 is launched. During this time, players can enjoy all the content that the game has to offer. The players who have taken part in previous tests will be familiar with almost everything on day one. However, although not a full Session, the Preseason does have its own Battle Pass. 

Due to its restricted time, the Battle Pass present in the Preseason has only 50 tiers instead of the 90 tiers, which will be the norm in full Seasons. Nevertheless, this Battle Pass is full of good-looking skins and exclusive player animations, along with a new weapon. Below, you will find everything that is a part of the Battle Pass in XDefiant’s Preseason:

Screenshot of different agents escorting a payload in XDefinant
Image via Sony
  • MDR – New Assault Rifle
  • Green – Blaze Skin / Legendary
  • MDR – Blaze Skin / Legendary 
  • Samir – Hi-Velocity Skin / Rare
  • Vector – Hi-Velocity Skin / Rare
  • M16A4 – Hi-Velocity Skin / Rare 
  • Jing – Game Over Skin / Rare
  • Gia – Anarchy Skin / Rare
  • ACR – Anarchy Skin / Rare
  • Iselda – Anarchy Skin / Rare
  • Up Top – Player Animation / Rare
  • Gunfighter – Player Animation / Legendary
  • Superhero Landing – Player Animation / Epic
  • XP Boosts 
  • 700 XCoins 
  • Player Cards
  • Emoji Sets

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