Pilestedt Teases Helldivers 2 Players With a New Aircraft Model

Helldivers 2 Gatling Sentry

For those who don’t know, Pilestedt, the former CEO of Arrowhead, stepped down from that position only to assume a new one within the company. Now, he is a Chief Creative Officer which allows him to interact with the fans more often. While replying to the fans on a different topic, Pilestedt caused a commotion among the Helldivers 2 players by casually posting a picture of a completely new aircraft model.

Fans Shocked by Pilestedt’s Casual Drop

In a recent conversation with the fans on X, the CCO asked them for their opinion on a new Stratagem for Eagle-1. He engaged with the fans, praising their ideas, and everything was going smoothly until a fan named Nasdorachi shared their idea.

They said: “A heavy bomber carpet bomb with a high cooldown would be sweet. The fighter jet dropping in like 3 autonomous mini-mechs that move around and help fight would be neat. A fighter jet dropping a bomb that opens up and does a high-powered 360 laser spin like Ironman in Ironman 2”. Pilestedt answered cryptically: “Yes….” and posted a picture of an unknown aircraft design.

Helldivers 2 CCO Pilestedt teases fans with a new aircraft model
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via X

The so-called Super Earth Bomber looks vaguely familiar, doesn’t it? Well, you might have seen it crashed into pieces on some maps. Logan_Jennings remarked: “I feel like I’ve seen pieces of this wrecked on the map”. Pilestedt coyly replied: “Indeed”.
Another X user, TheUnknownFaith said: “The cockpit looks really small. This bomber must be huge”. On the other hand, Hasselpoof, joked: “carpet bomb stratagem when? Can’t wait to get more diver kills than enemy kills“. It was a mystery solved for One Eyed Dragon. They said: “So THAT’S what this thing I saw a month ago was. You should make it more common, I’ve only seen it once in 200+ hours, and most people I know haven’t seen it at all”.

Players Excited to Learn More About the Mystery Aircraft

Reddit users had a more detailed approach. MetalWingedWolf shared: “Found one of these split in half across the ground and guarded by a basic strider patrol. Was very interesting. Spread out further than expected and difficult to find all the samples to reduce back to a diamond. Very interesting find. Would be interested in seeing a carpet bombing out of these chonky friends”.

Another Redditor, Hexnohope, complained, hoping the developers would make this future aircraft a tad stronger. This fan said: “Orbital strikes are so goddamn cool why are they so weak?! They should all be hitting like a f**king truck because you can fire shells the size of cars with enough force to warp the terrain”.

Others, both on X and on Reddit, were curious what the name of the aircraft would be. Since the others were named after birds, the Eagle and the Pelican, fans went wild trying to guess what would be the name of this one. Among the top contenders were Condor, Albatross, Ostrich (kind of strange since they are flightless birds), and last, but certainly not least Big Bird. You read that correctly, Big Bird, a Muppet character, is by far the most popular out of all the options. We are sure that whichever name the devs use will be fine, as long as they deliver on the stats.


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