Helldivers 2 CCO Asks Fans For Advice on a New Eagle Stratagem

Helldivers 2 image of the Eagle inside the Destroyer ship

Pilestedt, the former CEO of Arrowhead, has made good on his promise to listen to the Helldivers 2 community actively. This comes days after he assumed a new position within the company, as a Chief Creative Officer. Apparently, he chose this position because it would let him connect with the fanbase more. Being CCO could allow him to get some input from the Helldivers 2 fans, maybe even on a decision regarding a new Eagle Stratagem.

The CCO Listened to Players’ Suggestions

On the night of May 23, Pilestedt took to X and said: “Ok – give me your best @helldivers2 Eagle Stratagem ideas!” This simple request to the fans made quite a splash. Dedicated Helldivers worldwide pitched in with their various ideas. Surprisingly, one of them was Shams Jorjani, none other than the new CEO of Arrowhead. His explosive suggestion was the addition of Shockwave and Tungsten bombs. Pilestedt was quick to joke with his friend and colleague.

Helldivers 2 CEO and CCO joke on X
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via X

Warmaster suggested: “The Air superiority patrol, used to knock down gunships or shriekers in a radius. The air-delivered minefield delivers it in a rectangular line rather than a circular radius. The Fuel Air bomb, big radius does lots of damage to units but not as much against structures or things with heavy armor”.

One of the most liked requesters came from Bodley51. They said: “A bigger strafe run, complete with A10 audio”. To which even Pilestedt agreed, saying: “Yeah. The audio doesn’t have the right BRRRRRRRRRT”. The CCO loved another idea, this one was given by Edward Lewis. The fan said: “I don’t know if it has to be an eagle strike, but something to deny enemies from reinforcing for like a minute or 2 would be very strategically useful”. Pilestedt compared it to a Disruption Beacon.

Other popular demands include Opera GX‘s idea for “Eagle Cryo Spray that freezes enemies in a wide square”, and, unsurprisingly, GLOCKTOR WHO‘s request for “One that doesn’t get nerfed once it gets popular”. To the latter, Pilestedt jokingly replied: “For my next decree: All eagle stratagems to be p**s awful!”

Helldiver 2 screenshot of a player preparing to throw the Eagle Strafing Run stratagem
Image via N4G Unlocked

Eagle Might Get a Makeover With One of These Stratagems

Helldivers 2 fans on Reddit had a lot of ideas. MrLagoon said: “I know this is a pipe dream but AC-130 gunship type Stratagem. The player calls in an Eagle that circles the area providing light, medium, and heavy fire support depending on present enemy types”. A fan, jonfitt, noted: “Like an orbiting Auto-canon sentry!”

Another player, PureNaturalLagger, suggested: “Make Eagle stick around after the Destroyer leaves low orbit until she needs to resupply. Add some inspirational voice lines too and I’ll be an accomplished diver”. JCL114 added: “Maybe it could be one of those destroyer upgrades. “Enhanced Communication Satellite” or something like that”. A fan, bulolokrusecs, added a wholesome idea. They said: “Eagle Motivational Strike – Eagle-1 comes down, gives you a pat on the head, and tells you you’re doing great”.

DuncanConnell came up with three great ideas. The first two, the Eagle Gas Strike and the Eagle EMS Strike were quite self-explanatory. The third one was the one that got the most attention, the Eagle Anti-Air. The fan explained that it “targets battlefield over X seconds to remove enemy aerial units”. Happy__Emo further explained: “I mean Gas Strike is perfect for bug holes, Anti Air Eagle Strike would be perfect for bot drops”. Awesome suggestions, indeed.

If any of these ideas were to be implemented, we have no doubt the fans would be more than happy. We’ve seen plenty of good and realistic suggestions, some of these might already be in development. Fans are certainly thankful to the Helldivers 2 CCO for an awesome opportunity to suggest an Eagle Stratagem.


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