Where Are the Ruins in Fortnite?

Ruins at sunset in Fortnite

Curious where you can find the Ruins in the current season of Fortnite? Look no further. We have your answer here along with more information about the location and its perks in Chapter 4.

Fortnite has implemented some massive map changes with the start of each chapter since its 2017 debut, essentially overhauling the content from previous eras to introduce a brand-new gameplay experience. Chock-full of opportunities to complete new missions and collect exclusive skins and weapons, seasonal drops drive the success of the widely popularized battle royale title. While change of this magnitude is exciting, it often involves vaulting a portion of fan-favorite features, which may or may not guarantee their return to the game in the future. A renowned POI since its introduction in Chapter 2, the Ruins have served as a destination for quests and loot. Here’s where they’re located today.

The Ruins Location in Fortnite

While there are several ruins throughout the current Fortnite map, the most similar to the renowned Ruins location of past seasons is Royal Ruin, located just west of the Citadel. Because it’s a landmark, it doesn’t have an official title on the in-game map. However, the POI is fairly easy to find as it’s the westernmost point from the center of the main location. For reference, check out the first map pictured above, where Royal Ruin is marked in yellow.

Apart from Royal Ruin, you might also be interested in visiting Rumble Ruins, a much larger named location on the current map in Fortnite. While it doesn’t serve quite the same purpose as the Ruins location made famous in previous seasons of the game, it remains the site for many quests involving ruins. Sandwiched between Creeky Compound and Shattered Slabs, Rumble Ruins is easy to spot on the second map pictured above.

FAQ: What are the Ruins in Fortnite?

From Chapter 2 onward, the Ruins have been a POI in Fortnite. Known for serving as the destination for a long list of quests, the location also housed some pretty valuable loot. Because of this, the Ruins were recognized as a popular spot to explore in the Fortnite community, though its name and map location have changed a bit over time.

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