These New Exotic Items Could Arrive In the Next Fortnite Season

Fortnite new exotic weapons possibly coming next season

Fortnite seasons are often marked by the types of Exotic items players have access to. We often come across leaks detailing what Epic’s dev team is working on. Datamining can be hit and miss, or simply reveal stuff that never makes it to the live game. That is the curious case regarding items that we will talk about in this article. Some, if not all of these items, may appear in the next Fortnite season, so let’s dig in and check out everything we know so far.

Possible New Exoltic Items That Could Appear in the Next Season of Fortnite

The list below comes courtesy of iFireMonkey on Twitter. The tweet is a throwback to datamined items and mechanics that were leaked before Season 2 of Chapter 4. The leaks included stuff that we haven’t even seen yet in Fortnite. What this could mean is that they were building blocks of what’s to come soon, perhaps even in Season 4.

As mentioned, the initial leaks happened before Season 2 of Chapter 4 by joint forces of iFireMonkey and GMatrixGames. They included the following battle royale game mechanics:

  • Legendary Augments from Combat Caches
  • Mutated Animals from Monster Crystals
  • Big Attachable Wheel Grenade
  • Rope and Chain Launcher
  • Wall Running
  • Wall Kicking

As we can see, a lot of these mechanics never made it into the game so far. But that wasn’t all, there were several Exotic weapons on the list of leaks. This included:

  • Boogie Bomb Grenade Launcher
  • Firefly Grenade Launcher
  • Gas Grenade Launcher
  • Slug Projectile Shotgun
  • Balloon Sniper
  • Flare Shotgun
  • Gas Sniper
  • Rift Pistol

Moreover, there was another item and mechanic that was within datamined files called “Capture Ball”. Initially, everyone surmised that this would function akin to Pokeballs. Not that it would mean a collaboration with Pokemon, of course, as nothing of that nature has leaked so far. 

For us, the main area of interest are those Exotic weapons. They seem to be the most likely to appear out of everything. On paper, judging by their names alone, they could be very neat concepts to appear in the game. If even half of them made their way to the Battle Royale, they could seriously shake up the status quo. It remains to be seen which, if any, will make it in, however.

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