Fortnite Players Discuss the Worst Battle Pass Skins, Here Are the Results

Fortnite players discuss worst Battle Pass skins

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet with the latest Fortnite Battle Pass, it seems like there aren’t many who’ll willingly defend some of the skins it features. While some consider them to be hit-and-miss, from the discourse it looks like it’s more misses than hits. So what are the worst skins in the Battle Pass according to players? And why did it happen? Let’s find out.

Players Unhappy With Fortnite Battle Pass Skins

In a Reddit thread started by Sneakysaf, players have weighed in on the looks of the Battle Pass skins. Many voiced their concern and stated that they were underwhelmed by the skins. The designs didn’t seem to fit the theme of the season as well.

For example, it was stated that Lorenzo is the only one fitting with the “Wilds” theme of the season, and Purradise Meowscles is a joke summer skin anyway. There’s Optimus Prime, but other than those three, the rest of the skins have been heavily criticized.

An overwhelming number of players dislike the Mariposa skin. Or rather, they dislike the execution of it, while liking the original concept art that came before. It looks like this skin is the clear loser this time around, facing harsh critique from most of the fans. As Madu-Gaming puts it: “She would have been so good if they made her like her original concept art and didn’t try to throw in dynamo. She was so much better when she was her own unique character and not a dynamo remix”.

Relik’s skin has also been criticized to a lesser degree, mostly because he doesn’t seem to fit with the theme. Still, there are those who like some or all of the skins. User 1zzB_, for example, comments about Mariposa “She’s my favourite, I guess we all have our own unique and individual tastes”. 

Ultimately, user Creativeguy66v3 provides a summation of everything being said in the thread, saying: “Honestly this is the worst Battle Pass in my opinion. There are a few good skins (that I will more than likely not wear). Optimus is the best out of all of them”.

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