Fortnite Players Pick the Best Seasonal Skins – And There’s a Clear Winner

Image of Fortnite seasonal skins

The age-old question of which is the best skin will likely never truly be answered. Yet the Fortnite community has taken a break from the Summer Event to discuss holiday skins at large. Mainly, which holiday has had the best skins over the years. As expected, everyone has their own opinion when it comes to a specific skin, but for holidays in general, the consensus is not surprising.

Fortnite Community Discusses the Best Seasonal Skins

The Fortnite community has taken to Reddit to discuss the best holiday when it comes to skins. More importantly, not any specific one, but everything as a whole. In a thread started by FnafXBrawlStars, fans have gathered for an impromptu discussion. Judging by the player engagement, there seems to be a clear winner among the holidays.

By an overwhelming majority, Halloween skins beat out all of the competition. Known in Fortnite as Fortnitemares, it’s no wonder that it’s the most popular. How can you not love a spooky take on any theme? Furthermore, Halloween is a holiday all about costumes, so it makes sense that it’s the most creative and popular.

User ThePumpWasHere chimed in to give an overview of all the holidays’ themes: “Fortnitemares feels like it has more variety, especially because it isn’t really tied to a single theme, yeah it’s spoopy but it doesn’t have to have a specific thing on it like Christmas with the red, jingle bells, etc or Easter with all the rabbits, it can be a very cool looking skin that can be released any other time of the year”.

Far behind the Halloween skins, the Christmas skins (known as Winterfest in Fortnite) are the next most popular pick. They are then followed by St. Patrick’s and Valentine’s skins. There are also a few notable mentions of the Summer skins, but the discussion quickly devolved into picking everyone’s favourite Halloween skins instead.

We can’t say that we’re surprised by these results. Simply put, Halloween skins tend to be the favourite in any game with annual holidays, so this tracks for Fortnite too. What is the Fortnite holiday event that you’re looking forward to the most when it comes to skins?

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