Fortnite community demands major changes to the game

Fortnite keyboard

The battleground of Fortnite Battle Royale is awash in conflict. But this time, it’s not between players vying for victory. It’s between the two main input methods used to play the game and are asking this question: Keyboard or Controller?

Controller users have long complained that they’re at a disadvantage to keyboard users, who have the precision and speed advantage of a mouse. This has led to a growing sense of frustration among controller users, who feel like they’re being unfairly targeted by keyboard users.

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Which is better for Fotnite, controller or keyboard?

This heated debate has erupted in the Fortnite Battle Royale community over the use of mouse and keyboard (MKB) input devices. Controller users have expressed their frustration and anger over the growing presence of MKB players, who they say have an unfair advantage.

The debate was ignited by a Reddit post titled “Playing Against Mouse and Keyboard Users Is Unfair,” by User xalogic which quickly gained traction and attracted hundreds of comments. The author, a self-proclaimed controller user, argued that playing against players who have the precision and speed advantages of MKB input gives them an unfair edge in battles, leaving controller users at a significant disadvantage.

Numerous responses flooded the comments section, both in support of and against the claims made in the post. While some MKB users argued that the advantages offered by their input method were fair and simply part of the game, many controller users felt that the skill gap created by the differing control schemes negatively impacted their gameplay experience.

“I feel this, I get a few wins per session and I still would rather be a console only player. PC needs to stay on their own, I have this same sentiment with CoD and almost every other competitive game.” wrote Reddit user Mrkramerstein.

Is Mouse and Keyboard Fair in Fortnite?

Not everyone agrees with this assessment. Some keyboard users believe that the advantages of a mouse are simply too great, and that controller users are at a significant disadvantage.

“Yes, obviously PC is a superior platform, as it is on any and every other game ever (excluding console exclusives, obviously). This is common knowledge. But MNK is not one of those advantages,” said one keyboard user who goes by the name PossiblePro247 “For many years, before I got a PC, I used MNK on Xbox, which they allow and are fully configured for.”

The debate is likely to continue for some time, as there is no easy solution. Epic Games could implement input-based matchmaking, which would group players together based on their input method. However, this would require a significant overhaul of the game’s matchmaking system.

In the meantime, controller users will have to find a way to compete with keyboard users on an even playing field. Whether they’ll be able to do so remains to be seen

Keyboard vs controller or advantage vs disadvantage?

The debate has highlighted a deeper issue within the gaming community, where players using different input methods clash over fairness and equality. While Fortnite does provide cross-platform play, allowing players from different devices to compete against each other, the varying advantages offered by MKB vs. controllers have become a bone of contention.

Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite, has faced similar criticism in the past regarding input-based matchmaking. However, they have not made any official statements or changes in response to this recent wave of complaints. It remains to be seen whether Epic Games will address the issue or implement measures to level the playing field for all players.

As the discussion continues to gain momentum on social media platforms and gaming forums, it is evident that the issue of MKB vs. controller input in Fortnite is far from settled. The clash between the two sides underscores the importance of balancing gameplay mechanics and ensuring a fair environment for all players, regardless of their chosen input method.

Whether Epic Games will take action to address these concerns remains uncertain. In the meantime, players using controllers find themselves caught in the crossfire in this season of Fortnite, hoping for a resolution that will restore a sense of fairness to the popular battle royale game.

What are your thoughts on this debate? Do you use keyboard or controller? Do you think one is superior? Share your views in the comments.


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