Epic Games has done something unusual with Fortnite cosmetics

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In games, item rarity usually awards some amount of prestige to their owners. Yet in Fortnite, there only seem to be three pickaxes of legendary rarity. But does that really matter? The Fortnite community is confused by this since the arbitrary rarity of some items could be a larger concern for some players.

Over Five Years, Fortnite Released Only Three Legendary Pickaxes 

The pickaxe is Fortnite’s ubiquitous item. You don’t dive into action without it. Yet there are only three legendaries among them, even though there are so many cool designs. User Kasra602 drew attention to this fact over on Reddit, with many community members chiming in.

One of the popular picks (pun intended) seems to be the Omni Blade. As InfiniteOcto puts it “Omni Blade should’ve been legendary for sure. It’s 100 times better than the 3 we have”. Other fans have pointed out that the Axehammer from Save the Wold used to be legendary too, but was later demoted.

Meanwhile, other players rightfully wonder if there even is a point to their rarity. Their rarity is arbitrary at best and doesn’t even seem to affect the pricing. So is there even any point to it? As Redditor Genderneutralsky says: “I don’t understand the point of rarity on the skins and pickaxes or really anything that doesn’t affect gameplay. I get the “series” tags since they denote something but the difference between a legendary skin and a rare skin is…..the color of the line at the bottom only you see on the locker screen? Feels odd. I don’t think [there] needs to be rarities at all, to be honest”.

Similarly, most players seem to be only apathetic about the issue. As long as it’s not tied to any “pay-to-win” scenario, they’re happy the way things are. “Rarity on a purchased digital item is stupid anyways they could all be green for all I care”, says Nearly-Canadian and they have a point.

Ultimately, in Fortnite, there is no such thing as rarity when it comes to skins. While it doesn’t affect gameplay, all scarcity is determined by shop availability and price, which never seem to have any regard for rarity. Do you agree with this take from the community? Which pickaxe do you think should be legendary? Tell us in the comments or on our social media.

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