Fortnite x Doctor Who Collaboration Delayed, According to Leaks

Fortnite x Doctor Who collaboration delay

There are many rumours swirling about the Doctor Who collaboration with Fortnite. However, the fans will have to be patient for a little while longer, because the slate of Fortnite collabs keeps increasing. Even then, there have been a few more leaks about the Doctor Who collaboration, detailing the expected time and format. So let’s check out what’s in store for us.

News Leak About the Fortnite x Doctor Who Collaboration

Compiling the rumours, iFireMonkey on Twitter provided the community with clues about the Doctor Who collab. The primary sources of these rumours, as explained by iFireMonkey, are Spush and NotPaloleaks.

The main takeaway is that the Doctor Who collab will be delayed to December or January. This is mainly because there’s a planned LEGO collab happening in November. This way, the two events won’t overlap during the critical holiday time, when many players will have more time to play.

When it comes to the format, it’s rumoured that the collab will follow the mini Battle Pass system. However, notably, this mini BP is rumoured to have an expanded reward pool compared to other similar ones. Speaking of rewards, it looks like the 60th Anniversary Doctor look for Doctor #15 has been scrapped. Previously, there were also rumours that Doctor #14 (the same as Doctor #10) played by David Tennant would be making an appearance as well.

The community is split when it comes to this collaboration, mainly between two camps. Those who are looking forward to the LEGO collab and those who are looking forward to the Doctor Who collab. Clearly, everyone has their preference, but just the fact that we’ll be getting these two amazing collabs by the end of the year is pretty amazing. Of course, everything here is still in the realm of rumours and leaks. There is plenty of time for details to change. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes out from these news.

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