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I don't think it's going to die, but there's no denying that MelonSaurus makes some great points. And I really think it's only a matter of time before more people realize that Nintendo's been doing the same thing over and over again. Already a few folks have figured it out.

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Best argument on here, hands down.

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I'm not arguing against the series' popularity. I know Mario's a strong franchise. But the fact is the 2D games have grown stale.

Also, "this guy" isn't living under any rock, nor is he a "Nintendo hater." For years the only current platform I owned was the Wii. I'm a fan, but I've grown tired of the series. You don't have to love Mario to be a Nintendo fan. Xenoblade and Last Story? Pre-ordered and own both. Kirby? Easily one o...

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Umm ... I never said anything about sales. My gripe is that the 2D series is getting stale. Will I buy New Super Mario Bros. U? Yeah, probably, because I'm a fan. But it's going to be the same thing we've come to expect.

Sales reflect popularity. Mario's popular, I noted that. But it's a series that's relying on a fading novelty. Really know what you're arguing against before you make a blind argument yourself.

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I thought the first DLC pack was really good. I can only hope we get some more great maps down the road.

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I think at this point we won't get any single-player expansions aside from small additions to Arcade Mode like this.

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But ... Mega Man.

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"Amature" is not a word.

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I totally see your point, but believe me, I've started my articles in a positive manner and I still get blasted by pricks who don't know anything but to disagree with others. When the attack on the Vita was at its peak, I wrote an article about why people should give it a second chance, and I had a bunch of stubborn readers telling me that it didn't need a second chance because it was "still on its first chance." I was like, "Umm, the Vita's getting decimated by...

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Sorry excuse for a journalist?! I resent that! I'm a games writer, not a journalist!

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Twenty-two games?! This joker!

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Didn't mind the criticism, and I actually gave you an "agree" vote because unlike so many other people on this site, you were actually posing an argument in an educated, coherent manner. I still don't agree that the Vita has a lot of worthwhile games, but that's my personal opinion. Just like that entire list is my personal opinion. I'm certain there are people who think Snapshot is a joke, but that's one of the games I'm actually super stoked to play on the...

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That's correct. You need to download the new content right through the game itself. Everything should be unlocked for you to download it.

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Same here. Really intrigued to see how that will play out!

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The flashbacks were some of my favorite sequences in the game. They had the dark, gritty vibe that I loved about the first two games. That would definitely be great.

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This DLC features some of the best maps in the entire game. Sadly, everyone keeps voting for Branco HQ during the pre-match voting sequence. Geez!

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Yeah, I was really hoping for launch and pricing info at E3 this year, but the lack of said announcements made me reconsider buying the Wii U at launch.

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There are some cool games in this bundle!

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Journey is one of the few games I've played in recent memory with an actual awe-inspiring atmosphere.

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Really looking forward to this film.

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