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Nah, Microsoft should just keep making fun games for it like Fruit Ninja Kinect and The Gunstringer. #1
Why the heck is this damn thing so expensive?! #1
This looks pretty cool. I really dig the colorful art style, and I'm curious to see how the game plays. Watching out for this one! #1
I've only played Ninja Gaiden on the NES. Kind of want to play this one, but I should probably play the last game first. #1
Fact: Deadpool is the best Marvel character. Yes, he's even better than Spider-Man. #1
Though I'm more excited about Xenoblade Chronicles, I'm still super stoked for this. #2
Haven't played a soccer game since the GameCube days. This looks pretty cool, though. #1
There's a banana behind Katy Perry. #1
I don't know anything about sports, but I have to say it was fun watching you two disagree. #1
I was very surprised I had fun playing this game. Still, will probably never play it again. #1
Daryl would be a badass video game character. #1
This a really sweet addition to the game. #1
This looks really cool. Another great addition to the 3DS. #1
I like how people disagree with me for making a valid point about that first comment not making any sense. Speaks volumes of the delusional mindset of most N4G users. #1.2.1
I definitely see where you're coming from, and I agree to an extent. My problem is that I just haven't really gotten pumped for the game based off of what we've seen / heard. #6.1
Here's hoping! #2.1
That makes absolutely no sense considering I explained how I really dig action-adventure games LIKE The Last of Us. #1.2
I personally don't care at all for Call of Duty, so if that went away forever, I wouldn't be at all bothered by it. That said, I certainly don't want Final Fantasy to go away forever. I simply want a break in the series that will allow fans to miss it, and hopefully a proper return, because as it is, the series is stale. #5.1
Easily one of the best adventure games I've played in recent memory. #1
That would actually be really cool somewhere down the road. Portable Twisted Metal is a good thing. #1.1
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