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I can totally see that happening, and to be honest, I hope we see Zelda go in a completely different direction. It's a grand series, and with the Wii U's power, I can definitely see a much bigger adventure for Link down the road. #1.1
Link will always be my favorite Soulcalibur guest character because hell yeah! #1
Not bad! Game looks awesome! It's a shame the story is so lackluster, but I mainly play Soulcalibur games to play with other people. #1
No Story Mode in the demo? No problem! I really can't wait to play the full game and check out each character's story. #2
I kind of want to download the demo, but I know I'm going to buy the game anyway, so I think I'd rather just wait to get my hands on the full version come launch. #2
I actually do want to play this, but the trailer didn't exactly leave me in awe. #1
I thought this seemed kind of pricey. It's a shame it didn't do the original game justice. #1
Matter of opinion, really. What's BS to you may be beloved by the masses. Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Super Meat Boy are personal favorites of mine, and I would love to see them all on the Vita. #2.1
I really can't wait to play this. It's about time for a new Twisted Metal! #2
Good choices. Also, Twisted Metal, because that would be great. #1
I'm really hoping for a new Star Fox game on a home console. Some new franchises would be a great idea, too. #1.1
Really dig the style of the game. I definitely plan on playing this one I get the chance. #2
Sony has indeed done a great job with HD remakes, and I really wish Microsoft would do the same and start delivering more remakes of Xbox favorites with added content and Achievements. #2
I've never played a Hitman game in my life. It's not that I haven't wanted to, because I have. I just never got around to it. I may check Absolution out when it launches. #1
It damn well better have "classic Resident Evil moments," also known as "what Resident Evil used to be about." #4
I really just want more. More crazy missions and activities, more eccentric characters, more of everything. #2
Resident Evil 6? I thought that was a trailer for Gears of War 4. #8
Fact is I don't like elitists and people who support piracy. The bulk of the N4G crowd, I find to be very hypocritical and fanboyish, and constantly desiring to get its point across without listening to the opinions of others because they truly believe they're the only ones who are right. Hackers are douchebags who ruin gaming for a lot of people. No one likes little brats who annoy the heck out of others on XBL and PSN. Analysts say things that simply aren't true. People who thin... #6.1
I like how your argument that my arguments are poor consisted of four words, in the process being a poor argument in and of itself. #9.1
I can definitely see where you're coming from, but I still think it's asinine when people say platformers are for little kids, especially when you take into account how tough some platformers are these days. #3.1
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